Interior Design 101: Home Decorating Style


Does your decor never seem to match your furniture? Are you struggling to create balance and cohesivity in your designs? You may need to define your home decorating style.

Designing and decorating can be a challenge if you don’t have a clear result in mind. Knowing your home decorating style helps you to create a beautiful and inviting home making it easier to purchase furniture, accessorize each space, and make thought-out design choices.

Here are 8 of the most common home decorating styles and their key features.

1. Coastal

Coastal style is effortless, bright, and breezy. Similar to Hamptons style living, these interiors use a light color palette filled with cool and neutral shades, including white, beige, green, and blue. Pale wood and glass are popular materials in Coastal design. They include plush seating, airy curtains, and bed coverings, and they prioritize natural light. The result is a cozy and relaxing interior inspired by summer vacations and easy living.

2. Contemporary

Modern and current, contemporary design style is fluid and changes with the times. Right now, common features include strong visual lines, layered textures, and unique artwork. Most Contemporary interiors use a black, white, and neutral color palette. Contemporary interiors celebrate simplicity, and they bring interest using texture.

3. Eclectic

Eclectic interiors are intentionally busy, these interiors have a little bit of everything. To create an eclectic space, gather contrasting pieces with unique patterns, shapes, colors, and textures. To keep the room feeling cohesive and intentional, find two or three common features to weave throughout each element. This could be a color, shape, or design influence.

4. French Country

French country style is stylish and earthy, these interiors make use of a warm color palette of red, orange, gold, and yellow tones. The style leans towards a farmhouse aesthetic, but the result has a delicacy to it that sets this style apart from typical country settings. To create a French country interior, use natural and rustic materials like heavy linens, wood, stone, and brick and mix these raw materials with detailed silhouettes using porcelain dishes or intricately detailed bed coverings.

5. Mid-century Modern

Mid-century modern is inspired by retro style, known for its streamlined look and warm wood tones. Mid-century modern furniture design is driven equally by form and function. To create a Mid-century modern interior, look for furniture with sleek lines and tapered legs and add pops of retro colors, including orange, green, and pink, through fun lighting fixtures or throw pillows.

6. Modern Farmhouse

An updated take on the farmhouse aesthetic, modern farmhouse is marked by cozy and rustic vibes. Common features include reclaimed wood, up-cycled furniture, and subtle barn detailing throughout the home. Modern farmhouse interiors hint at farm life by using the same design bases: wide-plank wooden floors, thick exposed ceiling beams, shutters on the windows, and classic furniture.

7. Scandinavian

Scandinavian design is all about simplicity and functionality. Low on decor, these interiors are marked by sculptural lines, an all-white color palette, and natural materials such as wood, stone, and steel. To decorate your home in the Scandinavian style, prioritize natural light and functional furniture, this keeps the space de-cluttered and tranquil.

8. Traditional

If you like to keep things old-school and by-the-book, this is the style for you. Traditional interiors are timeless and classic. Traditional style is never cluttered, and it prioritizes coziness and comfort. Common features include simple silhouettes, matching furniture, and symmetrical decor. To add intrigue to a traditional space, bring in subtle details through crown molding and framed artwork.

Know Your Home Decorating Style

When you know the key elements that make up your home decorating style, you can design a cohesive home that is full of personality. And with world-class designer furniture and home accessories from Designer’s Mark, you can bring your designs to life.

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