Design Your Next Home With A Custom Furniture Line


Sometimes, the design process can hit a wall. Maybe the furnishings you want are not available in the color you need. There’s one way to fix this: a custom furniture line.

Off-the-shelf doesn’t always cut it, and in a space as important as your home, you need to have furniture that inspires you. Luckily, these leading designers have your best design interests at heart, and offer a wide range of customization services, from self-selected textiles all the way to individually designed masterpieces.

Enhance Your Style With A Custom Furniture Line

There are two types of custom furnishings to consider: modified furniture and a custom furniture line.

Modifying furniture involves choosing your own textiles, requesting a different finish, or making minor adjustments for a furniture piece to be just right for your space.

Fully custom furniture, on the other hand, is designed around your space and your needs and style.

Precedent Furniture

Precedent furniture finds the middle ground between modified furnishings and a fully custom furniture line. StudioP by Precedent allows you to create the furnishing you want by modifying a base template. For items like chairs or sectionals, choose your base shape, your textures, and your tones, and adjust finishes and silhouettes to your needs and style. This is custom-made simple – and we love it. It’s the perfect way to create a furnishing that feels like you, without any of the hassle. They’re also committed to using sustainable resources in their creation process, making use of certified wood and recyclable materials.

PullCast Cabinet Hardware

Custom cabinet hardware is a simple solution to elevate your space, and there’s no better place to be inspired than by PullCast. They carry several main collections—ocean, twist, texture, cosmopolitan, and limited edition—and offer a wide range of finishes and materials to suit any style. Changing pulls on kitchen cabinets and bedroom drawers can have a larger impact than you might think, especially for statement areas, or to bring more cohesiveness to your color scheme and style. If your cabinets aren’t cutting it, go custom.

Custom Area Rugs

Area rugs can make a world of difference to the impression you get from your space. They’re also functional decor, meaning its useful as well as serving your home’s aesthetic. For this reason, we think a custom area rug is a no-brainer. Custom furnishings can require custom complements, like the area rug that’s going to enhance your home’s style. Custom ordering means you know the rug is the right size, the right shape, and has tone and texture complements that work for your space.

Pianca Furniture

This Italian design company is driven by minimalist elegance, and their custom options in terms of scaling and back lighting make using them for your space a dream. Sometimes, you find the right piece that just doesn’t fit into the empty space you have in your home— Pianca Furniture has this covered. They pride themselves on attention to detail, quality craftsmanship, and creating pieces that are customized with your needs in mind.

Create Your Style With Designer’s Mark

Many companies offer pieces to be customized and at our Boca Raton showroom, we’re ready to help you get inspired by what’s on offer.

Our experienced interior stylists are on hand to show you what’s available and help enhance your style and create a space that feels personal.

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