Choosing The Perfect Wall Art

wall art

An often neglected, but terribly important, part of the interior design process is wall art. We spend a lot of time thinking about function, furniture, and arranging our space, even choosing the colors we want before starting. Wall art has often taken a backseat, but we know that wall art can make or break a space or redefine it all together.

Your Style & Wall Art

No matter what, wall art needs to inspire you. There’s no point in placing a piece on your wall just for the sake of it— this is your space! This is art that you’re going to be seeing on a daily basis and it’s imperative that you love it. But where do you start? How do you match wall art to your personal style? There are two ways you can achieve cohesiveness with your space: starting with artwork or finishing with it.

Art First: Being Inspired

You’ve found it, a piece of art that’s either been on your mind or in your home. If you’re already in love with wall art, and you haven’t solidified plans for your new home’s design, this is an excellent starting point. By starting with the wall art, you can choose a color scheme and a range of textures for furniture that will match the artwork.

This method brings an elevated level of cohesiveness, and lets the artwork stand as a focal piece. If your art has unique or bright colors, considering this first will help you line this up with your overall color scheme.

Art Last: Bringing It All Together

It’s likely that you’re coming into the interior design process with a color scheme and furniture inspirations already in mind. A clear vision is necessary in order to see your home come to life, but sometimes our brains can muddle some of the details. At the end of the initial design process, with furniture in place and lighting almost set up, it hits you: the blank wall.

In this scenario, wall art acts as the cherry on top of the sundae, pulling together each element of the room’s design into one neat package. This doesn’t mean the artwork is no longer a focal piece— if your space needs a central design, it can be as eye-catching as you like.

How Designer Art Elevates Your Home

Wall art doesn’t just show your personality and design-savviness. It serves a purpose in every room it’s in, either to inspire, relax, or energize. It’s also one of the best ways to add color to your home. Looking for a way to add a pop of something special to your space? Here’s what we recommend.


Your bedroom is a haven of relaxation. Soft colors and abstract lines can match with almost any decor style, softening the edges of a room, making it easier to relax at the end of the day. Neutral colors work well as a base, with a splash of the room’s highlight color for cohesiveness.


If you’re working from home, you’ll want to feel energized and inspired. We love arranging smaller pieces of wall art together, so you have the option of changing out your view as you see fit. Framed art shines here, as you can switch out the pieces that inspire you with ease.

Living & Dining Rooms

In a living space, wall art works wonders as an eye-catching focal piece. It’s a conversation starter, it opens up your space, and shows off your personal style to your guests. Artwork in living areas is best hung around eye level, and opposite large pieces of furniture.

Wall Art At Designer’s Mark

Do you want to liven up your space with wall art? The designers we collaborate with cannot wait to guide you to design your home around a special work of art. Visit us at our Boca Raton interior design showroom or fill out our online contact form, today! Let’s make your home vision a reality.

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