High-End Bedroom Designs


The bedroom is the most personal room in your home. It’s where you relax and unwind, and bedroom design heavily affects how the space makes you feel. When you’re gathering inspiration and starting to piece together your vision, there are several areas to keep in mind. Whether you’re redecorating alone or having the invaluable help of an interior design consultant, you can take your bedroom designs to the next level.

The Bedroom Design Process

When designing a bedroom that inspires, it’s good to start from the center and work your way outwards. Embodying luxury in your space comes in at every detail, elevating your style with each choice you make.

Starting With the Bed

After all, this is a bedroom you’re designing. This is where you’ll spend most of your time, so comfort is of the utmost importance. Starting with the bed as a focal point lets you find your best fit and create a space around it, making your room cohesive to your theme. We love designs by Adriana Hoyos, beds which take global inspirations but deliver luxury in simplicity and style. Designs like the Ten and Rumba are available in a range of different finishes, fit to match your color scheme and home.

Rugs and Wall Art

You need more than a bed and four walls, and that’s where area rugs and wall art come into play. An area rug works wonders to fill or break up a space, with the added comfort of having something soft underfoot. Kravet’s collection of abstract-style area rugs are perfect for coastal inspired homes, with a favorite of ours being the Mosoca Marina. By keeping the color tones understated, you can add depth without overpowering your room’s design.

Wall art is another way to bring high-end design to your space. Breaking up plain walls and adding contrast with a well-placed canvas elevates your bedroom’s design and style, adding personality to your home. It’s through the details that you experience luxury and show your personality.

Creating Ambience

Ambience is created through lighting and scents, and it’s vital to consider when designing a bedroom. Do you want wide windows with lots of natural lighting, or do you want a softer, warmer glow from lighting fixtures? What works in one part of your house doesn’t always work for another— so it’s important to consider how you’ll prefer your bedroom space.

Home accessories by ONNO Collection create ambience with ease. Hand-crafted glass candles and diffusers in a wide range of exotic scents can turn any empty space into a haven of relaxation, so they’re a perfect choice for a bedroom.

Design Inspirations

So where do you start? There are so many sources of inspiration out there, and sometimes the more you search, the more confused you can become. Make sure to work around your personal style. This is your space, after all. If you have coastal views from your bedroom, consider brightening your indoor space with light colors and greenery, matching with cream and blue tones. Natural materials and finishes can bring life into a stagnant space no matter your color scheme.

You can also take inspiration from home accessories or statement pieces of furniture. If you have a vanity that you simply can’t part with, build your space around it. Keep the focus on what inspires and relaxes you, and you can fill in the gaps with style.

Bedroom Designs by Designer’s Mark

If you’re looking for inspiration or the opinion of an expert showroom consultant, our team in Boca Raton can’t wait to help you realize the bedroom you’ve been waiting for. There’s no bad time to revitalize your space, and we can’t wait to help inspire you. Stop by the Designer’s Mark showroom today or call us at (561) 961-4149 to schedule a consultation with one of our product consultants.

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