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ONNO Collection

ONNO Candles showroom

ONNO Collection creates luxury and exclusivity to your home with refinement, their range of hand-crafted glass and ceramic vessels paired with exotic scents are the perfect accessory for the defined homeowner. Whether you’re choosing the natural scent or a bold scented candle, they elevate your style and add function to your choice of home accessories.

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    Home Accessories by ONNO Collection

    ONNO Collection merges visual design with perfume, creating a home accessory that changes your space’s atmosphere in more ways than one. From the inspiration through to the craftsmanship and execution, it’s clear to see how ONNO Collection has become a core part of luxury design.

    Handmade Candles & Diffusers

    The art and inspiration are clear in each candle and diffuser’s design, merging global themes into a handmade work of art. Building on themes from nature and travels from around the world, they make use of bold and dark tones with accented metallics. When lit, the glass shines in a whole new light with the warm-toned center.

    The Cape Gold and Champagne diffusers bring elegance and sophistication, each bottle made from mouth-blown or hand-shaped glass. This creates a candle that is unique to you and delivered in a luxury black gift box. Some designs are unique to certain fragrances—matches made expertly by the ONNO Collection designers.

    Each piece is made expertly in Belgium, using the finest natural materials and mineral wax, with Egyptian cotton wicks that last longer. Mixed with your new favorite scent, these candles and diffusers can find their place as a shelf or table’s focal point. The classic Circle collection brings simplicity, and the Nature collections can add more intriguing patterns to your home’s space.

    Luxurious Scents

    Every fragrance is designed to tell a story. The scents offered by ONNO Collection highlight the luxury of the brand, being made with only high-quality ingredients. They’re expertly created to enhance your home’s atmosphere, and with a selection this varied, there’ll be something perfect for your style. Each perfume is created by designer Ilse Vandeputte, who has used her travels for inspiration and refined her “nose” over the years. These fragrances evoke feelings of calm, the desire to travel, and bring exotic scents from around the world right into the comfort of your home.

    The strong woody spices and musk base of the Zanzibar scent is highlighted by dry amber, and its partner, Safari, takes the same notes and softens them for a fresher result. Ginger Fig and Sage take natural ingredients up a level for a soft ambient feel, with natural ingredients like lemon, bergamot, and green tea that work together to create a truly relaxing atmosphere.

    ONNO Collection at Designer’s Mark

    Bring life to your home in an entirely new way. Find your signature scent and let it inspire you on a daily basis, creating a haven in your home. Style and sophistication go hand in hand with these expert designs, leaving you and your space’s style feeling refreshed. Visit our Boca Raton showroom to see what makes ONNO Collection so unique, and experience true luxury in every accessory. 

    Ready to make your mark? To schedule an appointment and explore all the ONNO Collections have to offer, call Designer’s Mark at 561-961-4149, today.

    Ready to make your mark?

    To schedule an appointment and explore all the ONNO Collections have to offer, call Designer’s Mark at 561-961-4149, today.

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