Choosing The Right Paint For Each Room For Your Home Design

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Designing rooms in your home with furniture and accessories is a great way to reflect your aesthetic. Even with a perfectly scaped room, it can still feel impersonal. One of the best ways to make any home design feel complete is by choosing the right paint for each room. While color is crucial, you must also consider other aspects such as types of paint, primer options, and finishes. With these design tips from Designer’s Mark experts, any space in your house will feel like home.

Paint and Home Design Basics

Hardware and paint stores have a nearly overwhelming amount of different colors to choose from. To make this even more of a daunting task, these colors will also come in different types and finishes. If you are unaware of the exact paint you need, your dream home could become a nightmare! Choosing the right paint will help to set the mood of your space and make for a cohesive home design.

How Do I Choose the Right Paint?

At Designer’s Mark, we are a source for facilitating the design process with furnishings that are uniquely representative of your style.  Specific colors can define the feel of your room while different finishes usually depend on the traffic flow of any room. Here, we discuss everything you should consider before painting a room.

Color Connection

Whether you want calm and cozy or to make a statement, your paint choice makes a difference. When deciding on a color, you should:

  1. Set The Mood: Different colors put us in different moods. Soft colors make us feel restful while bold colors make us feel more active. Decide how you want to make yourself and others feel in the space.
  2. Color Cues: At Designer’s Mark, we’re all about the details. While you may find the perfect color, you want to ensure that it will complement your space. Look at your accessories and furniture to highlight your choice.
  3. Lighting Leads: No two rooms in your home receive the same amount of lighting. By checking how the color will look in different levels of light, you can be sure the color you choose is right for the space.
  4. Poster Project: Testing the color on your wall is crucial to making your decision. To avoid making a mess on your walls, tape white poster board to the wall and paint the test color. You’ll get a sense of color without damage.

Finicky Finishes

The color of your paint defines the mood but finding the right finish for your space is critical. Our home design experts at Designer’s Mark explain how to find your finish.

  • Flat/Matte: If you are looking for a polished look, consider a matte finish. While it provides a lot of atmospheres, it is best kept for spaces that receive little foot traffic. Flat paint is the most difficult to clean.
  • Eggshell: The most popular choice, eggshell offers a slight luster. This finish is also easier to keep clean. Use eggshell finishes in areas with moderate traffic, like bedrooms, dining rooms, family rooms, and hallways.
  • Satin: More reflective than eggshell, a satin finish has an almost pearl-like quality. Satin finishes stand up to dirt better and are easier to keep clean. Reserve this finish for moderate to high traffic areas like bathrooms, family rooms, and kitchens.
  • Semi-Gloss and High-Gloss: While the shiniest finish, glosses are also the most difficult. This finish stands up to dirt well but will show any imperfections. Gloss finishes are ideal for high traffic areas or as a statement.

Choosing the Perfect Primer

After choosing your color and finish, priming your walls is the next step. Even if you are starting with white walls, a primer will give you a more even base. One of the best benefits of priming your walls before painting is that the previous color will not bleed through. Another reason to prime is that you will achieve the true color of your selected paint. With the right primer, you will also help cut your costs as you will have to use less paint.

Home Design in South Florida

Since 1994, Designer’s Mark has helped South Florida residents transform houses into homes. From picking up complementary accents to choosing a finish, we’re here to assist in defining your space. When you are ready to start your home design project call us at (561)-961-4149 or contact Designer’s Mark online today!

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