Designer Favorites: Sophisticated Home Accessories

home accessories

Home accessories fit together in your space like a jigsaw puzzle— every piece unique in shape and style but slotting together to form a cohesive whole. When designing your space, it’s essential to think about how your accessories work together to make a sophisticated and luxurious home that inspires you daily. Looking for that burst of design inspiration? Here are some of our home accessory favorites that embody personal style and sophistication.

Home Accessories That Elevate Your Style

Leveling up your personal style is simple: home accessories. They bring personality, individuality, and luxury into even the simplest of spaces, and they work together to tell a story about you. We know that accessories need to be tailored around form, function, and you, so we’re here to get you started on your design journey with some of our designer favorites.

Ornaments by SkLo

SkLo has been at the forefront of glass-blown innovation and design for years, marrying modern design and old Czech tradition. The Bloom accessory stands alone in uniqueness, with no two fixtures the same. Available in three sizes and in pink, olive, and blue, the dual-toned glass draws the eye and inspires thoughts of nature. SkLo’s artisans use traditional techniques in a fresh and modern way, creating a piece that elevates a room and your personal style.

Books by Taschen

If you’re looking for a home accessory that truly shows your personality, look no further than Taschen. We love Hokusai, Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji, complete with traditional Japanese binding with 114 color variations. With a first edition release of only 6000 copies, this is a stylish and personal accessory that doubles as an artifact of art history.

For the botanical lovers, we recommend A Garden Eden, Masterpieces of Botanical Illustration. Combining scientific works with reproductions drawn from the National Library of Vienna, enjoy the wide range of manuscripts dated between the 6th and 19th century.

Vases by Global Views

The Twig vases draw on natural inspirations, perfect for a home with earthy tones and a touch of shine. Available in 1, 2, and 3 holder formations, they serve as a perfect centerpiece that draws the eye without overcomplicating sophisticated style. The branches are formed by brass, with clear glass bulbs that keep the focus on their floral contents. We love splitting these up around a room, creating a cohesive theme while each piece remains unique.

Mirrors by Mirror Image Home

Home accessories don’t have to be all form and no function. Mirrors from Mirror Home are unique, stylish, and open a space when placed correctly. Each mirror is available in several finishes, so you’ll always find something that works for your space. As always, they offer custom work to realize a statement piece that fits your exact style. The MSS4000, designed by Michael S. Smith, embodies art deco elegance and functionality to create a truly unique mirror that would fit perfectly in a study or living area.

Choosing the Right Accessories for Your Home

Pulling your design style together with accessories isn’t easy. While home accessories transform your space, the wrong accessories can break that cohesiveness very quickly. Our expert designers are on hand to help you finish your space with accessories that align to your furnishings and your personal style.

With decades of experience in the industry, we know that it’s about more than colors and proportions, and we can’t wait to offer you a personal selection of home accessories to choose from. We love to hear your inspirations and bring them to life with bespoke art. Book in for a private consultation at Designer’s Mark and let us help bring your home to life.

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