Using Home Accessories To Transform A Room

home accessories

Using home accessories and décor to transform a room is the most fun and creative way to express your style throughout your home. It’s incredible how the smallest of details – like glass or ceramic ornamentals, pillows, rugs – can make the biggest impact to the overall room aesthetic. Although, just as easily as home accessories can transform a room from bland to chic, too many (or the wrong) accessories can overtake your space and create clutter.

At Designer’s Mark, our experienced ACCESSORIZE team of interior designers know how to use home accessories to transform a space into something tasteful and wonderful to live in. We’ve put together some expert tips to help you choose the right home accessories for your interior space.

Interior Design Tips For Choosing Home Accessories

From designer rugs, lighting, and décor, we’ve got a variety of accessory brands that aim to tickle your home design taste buds. Use these interior design tips to use home accessories to pull your room together like a pro and avoid the common home décor mistakes of many.

Quality Over Quantity

When it comes to choosing home accessories that will transform your space into something spectacular – think less is more. Instead of choosing 10 mass produced items that can be purchased from your local home goods store, rather buy one unique item that is valuable, meaningful, and of a superior quality. Consider a home décor piece by SkLO – where every item is unique and beautifully crafted using hand blown glass.

Proportion Is Important

Before deciding where you want to place your home accessories, it is important to take the time to study your space and figure out which pieces fit where the best. Taking scale and proportion into consideration when choosing your home accessories is what helps to create a comfortable living space that doesn’t cost the earth. For example, there is nothing more useless than a tiny rug in a gigantic room, or an overbearing piece of art in a small guest bathroom. Take the time to explore our gallery for home accessory inspiration.

Experiment With Textures and Colors

Choosing neutral colors for permanent fixtures and large furniture pieces is always a safe bet but it’s always exciting to experiment with different colors when it comes to your home accessories. Choose bold and colorful artwork or scatter cushions to bring contrast to your otherwise neutral space. Accessories are great to experiment with as they can be easily changed throughout the year or moved around your home depending on the season or your mood.

Create Balance Instead Of Symmetry

Symmetrical décor arrangements are a sure way to make your home accessories be overlooked by every new guest that enters your home. It’s not that symmetry looks bad, but it can quickly transform your room into something bland instead of exciting. Consider trying to create balance, instead of symmetry, with your home accessories by grouping smaller items in odd numbers, and by combining items of different heights together. Designer’s Mark carries a range of curated accessory pieces from around the world, as well as pieces from other sources such as Global Views, John Richards, Arteriors, which are simply to die for and far from boring.

Get Tailored Home Décor With ACCESSORIZE

Home décor plays a big role in transforming your house into a home. Although we think that choosing home accessories is exciting and fun, we know that it can be challenging – especially when the choice is overwhelming. That’s why our ACCESSORIZE team at Designer’s Mark is here to help. You can make use of our years of experience in the interior design industry and combine it with your own personal taste and style to create the home of your dreams.

Our ACCESSORIZE team offers an interior design service that aims to support you in your home design needs and simply make it an enjoyable experience for you. Choosing the right pieces for your home is important not only for the way that it looks but for the way that it makes you feel. Feeling comfortable in your home is essential to creating a home that you feel connected to.

Stop by our Boca Raton showroom or contact our team today if you’re ready to take your home accessories to the next level with Designer’s Mark and our team of interior design experts.

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