Designer’s Mark: Interior Design Team That Leads The Industry

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At Designer’s Mark, we offer some of the world’s highest quality and expertly crafted brands. Collectively, we are a team that strive to create within the industry with innovative and creative vision. Designer’s Mark is a member of the International Furnishings & Designer Association (IFDA), a consortium of leaders in residential and commercial design. We joined IFDA for the exceptional programming and resources they offer for professionals in the domestic and international interior design markets.


Established in New York in 1947, IFDA enables professionals to collaborate on cutting-edge technology and new trends in modern luxury design. We share resources and educational programming with our colleagues in the field, from lighting systems to sustainable practices for luxury fabrics and textiles, fabrication, and design. IFDA supports industry leaders in commercial and residential design, including Designer’s Mark.

As part of the South Florida IFDA chapter, we’re an interior design resource house for local and international clients that live in and create high-profile projects in the region. We work at the highest level of professionalism in service to our clients to create projects that engage the eye and reflect your personal style.

Clients are encouraged to work with an IFDA professional for the range of resources and knowledge we can offer. Our network of collaborators works both domestically and internationally. For example, if you’re interested in an emerging artist or designer in the U.S., Latin America, or Europe whose work you would like to feature in a home design project, our position within the IFDA network is intended to make such connections become reality.

The Designer’s Mark Interior Design Team

Designer’s Mark is an IFDA member to better position itself amongst interior design industry professionals that require a strong resource to assist with their projects. We regularly attend expositions and conferences to learn about new creations and manufacturers in the various fields we represent. We’re highly selective in the brands we add to our portfolio; makers in luxury furniture, wall coverings, lighting systems, and decor. Our core ethos is that we work tirelessly in the interest, standards, and style of our clients.

Collectively, Designer’s Mark has over 20 years of experience. We’ve seen trends come and go! Yet, we practice an adherence to timeless modernism and cutting-edge design in the services and collections we provide. We have a discernible eye and analyze each collection before adding it to our portfolio for craftsmanship, functionality, and beauty. We know who our clients are and what their aesthetic standards are. Few showrooms in South Florida can offer such expert collections as Christopher Guy, Kravet, or Brokis.

As an IFDA member design showroom, we pride ourselves on what the industry has to offer. We have an impeccable record working with clients on pre-construction and remodel projects. For sellers and their agents, we also offer an excellent home-staging program. A Designer’s Mark consultant can arrange a top-notch team of stagers and photographers (the best South Florida has to offer). We work in collaboration to prepare your property for a flawless listing.

Professional Support for Trades

We welcome trade professionals such as designers, architects, and building contractors to work with us. If you have clients in the luxury residential or commercial sectors, contact us. We have the aptitude for scale on large or small projects.

Designer’s Mark functions as a collaborative space, and you are graciously invited to visit our Boca Raton interior design showroom! Stop by today and make your mark.

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