Contemporary Decorative Light Fixtures By Tech Lighting

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Lighting plays an essential part in interior design. We think about natural light and how it affects the way we perceive our homes, but light fixtures play just as large a role in turning a house into a home. Don’t be afraid to show your personality and your design style with these decorative light fixtures by Tech Lighting.

Decorative Lighting: Indoors

Chandeliers are only the beginning when it comes to decorative indoor lighting. Whether you’re looking for something minimalist and discreet or you’re looking for a dining room centerpiece, there’s something for everyone.


Chandeliers have been a home staple for decades, but that doesn’t mean they have to look dated. Tiered designs in gold and silver hues can suit both simple and extravagant tastes and can fit into any design atmosphere. The floral-inspired Belterra 38 Chandelier remains a favorite of ours, as LED light guides add a soft finish when compared to exposed bulbs.


Modern and fresh, Brox’s innovative design gives you the creative reins. With a focus on multi-dimensionality, you can create your own geometric design of interconnected lighting bars. Each strip can be angled for your comfort, so the light is only as direct as you want it. These designs really show off your space and work perfectly as a personalized centerpiece.

Bath Lighting

Tech Lighting’s bath and vanity fixtures embrace simplicity and ensure a relaxing bathroom atmosphere. Geometric bar lights use clouded glass for a soft glow that’s fully dimmable, letting you decide how much light you want in your space. LED guides disperse the light throughout frosted glass panels, illuminating the room evenly.

Decorative Lighting: Outdoors

Exterior design is just as important as interior design. Outdoor lighting fixtures serve many purposes; they can line your driveway and the path to your home, as well as brighten the front lawn landscaping.

Pathway Lighting

Pathway lighting serves a clear purpose, but you don’t need to use any light off of a shelf.

The Revel 8 Outdoor Path lighting fixture utilizes a modern laser-cut geometric design that pulls your front lawn into the 21st century while maintaining outstanding outdoor durability. These lights will also guide your guests to the front door, and we all know what they say about first impressions. Let your home’s style speak for you.

Wall Lighting

Wall lighting fixtures provide the perfect way to show off the architectural style of your home.

Simple boxed lights are just the tip of the iceberg, and dramatic outdoor fixtures can direct dimmable light to the areas you want to highlight. These can also be used to border garage doors and entryways, giving you the extra illumination you need when parking your car at night.


Summer days call for outdoor celebrations, and there’s no better way to illuminate your outdoor living space than with hanging pendant lights. These outdoor lighting fixtures are ready for whatever the weather may throw at them, and with styles to match your home’s interior, you can blend your indoor and outdoor living areas into one.

Make Your Mark with Tech Lighting

At Designer’s Mark, we’re here to see you through from the first spark of design inspiration right through the end. We know how much a little bit of light can change a big space, and we want to help you refine the vision of your dream home into a reality. Our friendly and experienced team can also match fabrics and furniture to lighting fixtures and cultivate a space that you can call home.

Come and get inspired. View Tech Lighting fixtures at our South Florida showroom and find the style that suits you best.

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