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Brokis has been breaking barriers in innovative lighting design since 2006, bringing the delicate craftsmanship of glassblowing back to the forefront of design endeavors. By utilizing over 200 years of handblown glass tradition at Janštejn Glassworks, Brokis has brought glassblowing back to the 21st century. Handcrafted and designed in house, Brokis lighting features contemporary design mixed with hand-finished touches of wood and metal.

Brokis Collections That Inspire

All Brokis collections are created by in house designers that can spend years perfecting a single design. The art of handblown glass is preserved and carried through into the modern era, tradition meeting modernity in innovative design. We’ve picked out a few of our favorite Brokis collections to help inspire your vision.


Muffins are one of the most iconic Brokis designs, and it’s been a staple with the design team since its inception. The new 10-Year Anniversary Muffins introduce tinted glass with a wood or marble base able to fit any home’s style.

Night Birds

Minimalist and innovative, Night Birds adds a touch of movement and nature to any room. Simple LEDs set into polished aluminum let the real design work shine, showcasing a flock of birds in flight. Available in light and dark tones, these birds work best offset at different heights.


The Knot collection is all about contrast. Lightly tinted glass is supported by a natural fiber cord, providing an interesting illusion of glass distortion and plasticity. Knot comes in many sizes and shapes, perfect for mixing and matching lighting elements throughout your home.

Puro Eclectic

The Puro Eclectic collection comprises juxtaposed handblown Puro tubes in shades of opal white and smoky gray. The soft light of this contemporary design can make any dining room pop, making for a trendy but classic addition of minimalist design.


Fumie Shibata, the mind behind Bonbori, was inspired by the traditional paper lamps used in Japanese festivals and on paths to shrines. The Bonbori is an outdoor lighting fixture, emitting a soft light through the patterned steel diffuser and out through tinted glass of your choice. The strong glass is weather resistant, giving you year-round lighting in your yard.

BROKISGLASS: The Right Way Forward

Always forward thinking in waste reduction, the innovative designers at Brokis created BROKISGLASS. A new material made up of recycled glass shards from their workshop, ensuring every inch of glass is put to use, the marbled texture makes for a fantastic statement piece and can be tinted in a wide variety of colors.

As always, color can be custom created at Brokis. For grayscale mattes or bright jewel tones, BROKISGLASS opens new doors to economic lighting solutions and contemporary design. This mix of glass works especially well in illuminated accent panels, both in the interior and for exterior applications. BROKISGLASS also fits in with other Brokis collections, and is a favorite material used to create the Night Birds range.

The Importance Of Lighting

The lighting we choose to have in our home has a great impact on how we view our space. Soft ambient lighting can be used in living areas, but sometimes we need more functional and directed lighting for workspaces. Brokis finds the middle ground: functionality without sacrificing the theme of your home. For this reason, Brokis offers custom glass tints and wood and metal accents to keep your light fixtures adding to the cohesion of your home design.

Whether you’re after simplicity or a statement, there’s a collection that will suit you. Visit the Designer’s Mark showroom in Boca Raton to explore the Brokis collection and order your custom made to order lighting sculpture today. Let us help you find the right elements to light up your home.

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