Creating A Relaxing Atmosphere With Ambient Lighting

ambient lighting

Lighting is the key to creating an ambience. From the fixtures you choose to the temperature of the bulbs, you can never underestimate the effect lighting has on your space.

In both homes and commercial spaces, it’s essential to create a lighting ambience that is as functional as it is aesthetic. While this nexus isn’t the easiest to find in some rooms, working with an interior design expert can significantly reduce the hassle of revitalizing your home.

More importantly, the definition of a relaxing atmosphere is going to change from person to person. Some may prefer warm, cozy lighting that is directed out of the way, and others may feel relaxed and refreshed with a brighter natural lighting setup.

How Lighting Affects Ambience

Ambience is described as the character, or atmosphere, of a space. When designing the interior of your home, you want to create a variety of ambient zoned areas. The bedrooms and living spaces require a relaxing atmosphere, and areas such as kitchens or home offices require a fresh, bright atmosphere. The easiest way to zone your space for your needs is with lighting.

However, we should be wary of overgeneralizing ambience. Your bright, functional kitchen lighting might need to transform into an ambient space for evening drinks. Daytime parties are going to need different lighting than a cozy movie night. When creating spaces with ambient lighting, we first need to assess the needs of your space.

There are multiple ways to do this, but one of the simplest is to implement lighting fixtures with a variety of temperatures. Functional overhead lighting in cooler tones suits well to kitchen work, but hidden cabinet lighting, custom lamps, or unique centerpiece lighting fixtures can add both a warmer ambience and personality.

Create Ambience With Beacon Custom Lighting

Beacon Custom Lighting are experts in creating a relaxing atmosphere through lighting. Their artisans pull inspiration from the natural world, and they use their centuries-long experience in glass blowing to create pieces that are authentic and unique. As conversation starters, there’s no better centerpiece or complementary fixture for your space. They are experts in their craft, especially when viewing their glass-blown works.

Fixtures like the Pond and Helik collection items especially showcase the ease of adding ambience with Beacon Custom Lighting. The glass is tinted in a range of natural and neutral tones, diffusing light for a softer effect on your space. These pieces work particularly well in dining rooms and living spaces, creating an atmosphere that’s inviting and innovative.

Their designs range from simple to artistic, suited to a wide range of home interior styles. They set the tone with both design and functional lighting, and every piece is handcrafted with unique touches.

Beacon Custom Lighting is also a natural go-to for those wanting to add personality and individuality to their homes. Their custom works are where their artisans fully shine, letting you take the reins and explore your personality.

Collaborating with Beacon Custom Lighting means a one-of-a-kind fixture that is built around your style and your home, and perfectly fits your space and the atmosphere you want to create.

Beacon Custom Lighting Distributor In South Florida

At Designer’s Mark, we understand ambient lighting but more importantly, we understand how creating a relaxing atmosphere with interior lighting is going to change depending on your style, your preferences, and your space.

If you are looking to elevate your home design with Beacon Custom Lighting, make sure to visit our Boca Raton Interior Design Showroom. Give us a call at 561-961-4149 to schedule an appointment or to talk to one of our design consultants.

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