Outdoor Furniture Designs For Spring Season

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Spring is just around the corner, and with the warmer weather comes the desire to spend more time outdoors. Whether you have a spacious backyard or an intimate patio, the right outdoor furniture can transform your exterior space into a comfortable and welcoming oasis.

With so many options available, it can be challenging to find furniture pieces that complement your style and fulfill your functional needs.

In this article, we take a closer look at some of the best outdoor furniture designs for Spring that will help you create an outdoor space you love. From soft silhouettes and natural materials to multi-purpose pieces and woven textures, we’ll cover the latest outdoor trends and styles that are sure to spark your inspiration.

Soft Silhouettes

You won’t find many straight lines or harsh edges in nature! When designing in an outdoor space, mimic the shapes you see around you by switching out harsh edges and sharp corners for softer options.

Popular furniture choices this spring will boast curved edges, rounded corners, and organically-shaped surfaces. Round outdoor dining tables are easy to converse around. Cozy seating that curves around your firepit invites guests to make themselves at home and stay a while longer.

Woven Wonders

Texture is an essential component of furniture design. Outdoor furniture calls for high levels of texture to contrast with busy plant life or gravel pathways. Wicker and rattan furniture is a great high-texture option for patios and other exterior spaces. The pieces have a textural and laid-back appearance that mimics the soft, easy breeze of Spring.

One of our top outdoor furniture brands is Kingsley-Bate. Several of their collections incorporate a variety of woven fabrics and wicker bases, making them the perfect choice for your exterior space.

Eco Echoes

When looking for the perfect pieces for your outdoor space, prioritize designs that are inspired by nature. If it’s inspired by natural elements, your outdoor piece is guaranteed to look at home in an exterior setting. It creates a sense of harmony and cohesion throughout the area, acting as a link between your seating area and your garden.

Choose outdoor pieces made from natural materials like wood and stone, or choose synthetic materials that mimic the appearance of the real deal.

Curated Comfort

Outdoor seating that is comfortable and inviting is always in style. Look for pieces with plush cushions, deep seating options, and cozy throws that make lounging outside a pleasure.

The outdoor collections from Rene Cazares contain pieces that look equally as good in interior and exterior spaces. This helps you to create the cozy, welcoming exterior spaces of your dreams.

Multi-purpose Madness

Multi-purpose furniture is ideal for outdoor spaces since they are often limited in size. Figure out what you need from your outdoor spaces, and then find furniture that meets several of those needs at once.

If you have tables that act as extra seating, you won’t have to worry about finding places for guests to sit. A plush sectional sofa with a hidden storage compartment is the perfect spot to store warm blankets and throws – ideal for those nights when the warmth of spring hasn’t set in yet.

Quality Outdoor Furniture From Designer’s Mark

Your outdoor space is an extension of your home, and you deserve to love it as much as you love your interiors. Finding the right outdoor furniture can take some time, but it’s worth it to create a space you feel happy and comfortable in.

At Designer’s Mark, we curate furniture and home decor pieces to help your exterior spaces shine. If you’re looking for the perfect furniture for your exterior spaces, our outdoor furniture brands offer high-quality, timeless, and utterly gorgeous furniture pieces.

Contact our experienced design team at (561) 961-4149 today, and let us help you create the outdoor space of your dreams.

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