How To Incorporate Artwork Into Your Home Design

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Although your furniture lays the foundation for your home’s style, your artwork forms the bulk of its personality. The right artwork harmonizes with and enhances your style, while the wrong artwork can create an unsettling effect.

Finding the right artwork for your home design is no easy task. At least, until now! We’ve put together the ultimate guide on sourcing and displaying art in your home. Read on to learn how to find art that suits your style, and understand how to style it to create the effect you’re after.

Finding Art That Suits Your Interior Style

Before you start worrying about where to hang your artwork, it’s a good idea to first prioritize finding pieces that match your style and won’t look out of place in your home. Art should be an extension of your style, interests, and passions. When sourcing artwork for your home, consider the following characteristics:


Color choices are an important part of making your house a home. See if you can pick up on some of the existing colors in the space by choosing art that matches the color scheme of the room. Alternatively, you can add other decorative elements to the room to help the art look like it belongs.


You want to find art that matches the level of detail you have throughout the room. If your space is minimalistic with little color and few patterns, a brightly colored and detailed art piece will look out of place. Similarly, a simple abstract painting might not gel with an electric and busy space. Try to find art that mimics the amount of detail in your space to keep things cohesive.


If you aren’t finding a painted piece of artwork that fits your design aesthetic, why stop searching at paintings? Instead of a framed piece of 2D art, look for something with a bit of texture. You could hang a tapestry, fiber art piece, multimedia piece, or even a rug with a pattern you love. The texture in this sort of art adds depth to your walls. It can also act as an inspiration point for other home decor in the room. For example, you could mimic the texture of a macrame wall hanging with a woven throw pillow.

Styling Artwork Within Your Home

Once you’ve found the right piece of art for a room in your home, it’s time to style it. Positioning your artwork correctly helps highlight the piece, creating a lasting effect.

Use these styling tips when finding the perfect spot for your art:

Fill The Odd Spaces

Sometimes, the perfect spot for an art piece is somewhere completely unexpected. Look for blank corners, odd walls, empty shelves, or any area in your home that feels like it’s lacking something. Adding a piece of art to these areas helps to carry your design aesthetic throughout your home. These pieces link separate spaces together and create a sense of cohesion.

Play With Artwork Height

In general, art galleries hang artwork so that the middle of the piece is 57 inches from the floor. This puts the art at around eye level. When positioning art in your home, however, you want to play with the height depending on the room your art is in. You can hang art closer to the floor in rooms where you’ll be seated, such as the living room or dining room. You can hang your art higher up in transitional spaces such as in entryways or above a stairwell to create a “wow” moment.

Consider The Scale

The size of your artwork makes a huge difference in the way it’s perceived. One small piece of art often looks awkward on a large wall, while a piece that’s too big can make the space feel shrunken and tight. Ideally, art should take up between 65 and 75 percent of the available wall space.

If you’ve fallen in love with a smaller piece of art, why not combine it with other pieces to create your own gallery wall? This sort of curation really shows off your personality and makes a room feel vibrant and lively. Make sure the different pieces have something that unites them, whether that be the color scheme, type of frame, or subject matter of the pieces. This keeps the gallery wall feeling uncluttered and curated.

Trust Designer’s Mark For Your Home Design Needs

Finding art for your home can take time, but is well worth the hunt. Once you’ve found the perfect piece for each room, you’ll feel the personality of your family woven throughout your home.

At Designer’s Mark, we’re here to help you curate pieces to create the home of your dreams. We pride ourselves on offering helpful and inspired decorating advice, whether you’re designing a space from scratch or updating it with a few decorative pieces.

If you’re on the hunt for some home design inspiration, visit our interior design showroom in Boca Raton, or scroll through our Instagram profile to see what our talented team is dreaming up today.

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