Why & When To Choose Custom Area Rugs For Your Space


When creating the perfect space in your home, area rugs may not the first thing that come to mind, but they should be! These commonly overlooked aspects have the incredible ability to truly make (or break) the vision you desire. While not every room requires an area rug, this small, customizable accent can transform your space with its many benefits. Here the experts at Designer’s Mark discuss custom area rugs, options, and why and when you need one.

Custom Area Rug Basics

When we think of area rugs, we often think of the heavy, dusty rugs with traditional Turkish or Persian designs. The truth is that no longer has to be the case. Area rugs are now fully customizable, where you can choose the color, pattern, and size! While there are many beautiful pre-made options available on the market, selecting a custom rug makes a space truly yours!

Benefits Of Custom Area Rugs

Not every room is the same size or shape, which is a significant problem when it comes to area rugs. Custom options allow you to be in control, as you are the one who knows your space best. No matter what room you need the rug for, you should not have to settle for “good enough.”

Here is when and why custom is key:


While size and availability play a massive role in choosing a rug, it should reflect your style and the room’s aesthetic. We put so much effort into making our home feel like our own, and run-of-the-mill just won’t cut it! From unique materials and patterns to fun borders, custom rugs put you in charge. Whether you’re looking for a bright, bohemian area rug for your bedroom or a neutral, traditional rug for your dining room, Designer’s Mark is here to help.


Though non-custom area rugs come in a variety of sizes, often they are just too big or too small to fit your space. No matter your room’s size or shape, creating a custom rug will correctly account for the unique width and length measurements. With that in mind the opposite is also true…not every budget is akin to having a custom rug, so with a little placement magic from DM a standard rug size can be a contender, giving the appearance of a custom rug! Whether you have a huge living room or a small office, Designer’s Mark can help you create the rug of your dreams to bring the space together.


Style is not the only aspect we should consider when it comes to area rugs. We all lead different lifestyles, which is why rug material is also critical. Our living room will most likely see much more foot traffic than a guest bedroom, which means that it will require more durable fabric. Custom area rugs give you the option to find something that suits the room’s purpose while also displaying your creativity.


Area rugs that come off the shelf range in price, but that does not always reflect their quality. Creating a custom area rug allows you to work within any budget and provides you with a vast array of colors, materials, and patterns that fit your price range and aesthetic. Too often, designer rugs come with a needlessly expensive price tag and still do not suit our style. Designing a custom area rug is a cost-effective way to bring any room together.

The Designer’s Mark Advantage

You may not think about it now, but Designer’s Mark knows that a custom area rug is just what your room is missing. Not only are they a practical way to protect your flooring, but custom area rugs also have the capability to transform any space into the beautiful, luxurious oasis you deserve. Say goodbye to off-the-rack options you genuinely don’t like and design something that makes your house feel like a home. With over 25 years of experience, our design experts dedicate themselves to helping clients find exactly what they need.

If you have any questions about choosing custom area rugs for your space, visit our Boca Raton interior design showroom, contact us online, or call us today at (561)-961-4149!

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