Top Interior Design Trends For 2024

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We predict that designing and decorating your home in 2024 is going to be a fun and entirely individual experience. This year is all about your personal taste, unique style combos, and unexpected layering of textures, textiles, and lighting.

Here, we look at the top 10 interior design trends we predict will take 2024 by storm:

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1) Luxury Wallpaper

If 2023 was the year of board and batten, 2024 will be the year of wallpaper. Luxury wallpaper adds effortless texture, detail, and color to any space that needs a refresher.

In the next year, we expect to see wallpaper with ornate swirls and elaborate trims to find their home surrounded by unexpected modern furniture and accessories. This juxtaposition of styles and color palettes will create intriguing spaces that perfectly reflect the homeowners’ tastes.

We also expect to see wallpaper murals make a comeback, with homeowners no longer limiting them to nurseries or children’s playrooms. A mural depicting an Italian countryside, for example, takes a gorgeous living room to something breathtaking.

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2) Monochromatic Rooms

Colors have three distinct qualities: hue, value, and saturation. The hue describes the color family, such as red, yellow, or purple. The value describes the lightness or darkness of the color. The saturation describes the boldness of the color

In the monochromatic room trend, you only need to focus on the saturation of your color.

The key to pulling off a monochromatic space without becoming overwhelmed by your color of choice is using desaturated tones. Muted colors are far less likely to overwhelm the eye or shrink the room.

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3) Artisanal Pieces

Over the last few years, homeowners have been increasingly drawn to furniture and decor pieces made using sustainable materials and methods.

Artisanal furniture celebrates the artistry of furniture production and honors the heritage of the techniques used to make them. Whether it’s hand-woven rugs, hand crafted furniture frames, or mixed media artwork, there’s something precious about owning an unrepeatable piece that evokes feeling.

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4) Moody Browns

While the trend of bright and airy Scandinavian-inspired interiors hasn’t completely run its course, we expect a deeper, richer take on this trend to emerge in the next few months.

Paying homage to every girl’s room in the early 2000s, chocolate brown is the color to watch in 2024. Moody and inviting, warm and stylish, dark shades of brown are unbeatable in terms of atmosphere and versatility.

Pair a hot cocoa brown with rusty terracotta and mid-toned beiges, and you’ve got a speakeasy-style living room. Pair a bark-like brown with hunter green and baby blues, and you’ve created the fairytale bedroom of your childhood dreams.

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5) Asymmetry

While symmetry has its place in the design world, using too much symmetry in a space can create an expected and boring effect. Asymmetry is the name of the game if you’re looking to create unique and interesting interiors.

A small piece of artwork doesn’t have to hang alone in the center of the wall; you can move it to hang closer to the corner and create a moment above your bar cart. That one-of-a-kind lamp doesn’t have to stay in the store for your fear of it not matching anything, you can get two different lamps for your bedside tables.

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6) Victorian-inspired Details

Victorian architecture and design style originated in the United Kingdom in the mid-to-late 19th century. It’s characterized by intricate details, luxurious fabrics, and decadent patterns.

In the coming year, we expect to see an increase in the use of detailed molding styles, ceiling architecture, and patterned textiles. To carry out this trend successfully in your own spaces, take advantage of textured fabrics and moody lighting. The key is to highlight small details and make them the star of the show.

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7) Custom Lighting

Recessed lighting simply isn’t good enough. Custom lighting fixtures layer the light offering in each room, adding depth and warmth which better highlights the rest of your decor. This year, we expect to see more homeowners investing in their lighting solutions and commissioning lighting artisans to create fixtures perfectly suited to their needs and preferences.

Designer’s Mark is well known for our array of luxury lighting brands which design lighting fixtures to complete every room in your home. From ultra-modern to classic inspired designs, you can customize hundreds of styles to blend with your existing home decor.

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8) Checkerboard Textiles

We’ve seen bar tables, side tables, and even lamp bases covered in checkerboard tiles. In 2024, we’re taking this fun, trendy pattern and turning it into something classy and luxurious.

This year will see variations of checkered kitchen floors, checkered rugs, checkered fabrics, and more.

If your design style steers clear of all things contemporary, try a rug with a diagonal checkered pattern. Shifting from squares to diamonds softens the look of the classic checkerboard, helping blend this modern pattern with a more classic, vintage space.

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9) Chrome Accent Pieces

Chrome has long held its own in kitchens and bathrooms, but in 2024 we’ll see this silvery material make its way into the less utilitarian spaces in your home, such as your bedroom or living room.

To soften the bold impact of using chrome pieces in your home, look for home accessories with curved edges and round silhouettes. If you fall in love with a chrome lighting fixture, be sure to use warm white bulbs to avoid creating a clinical and unwelcoming atmosphere.

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10) Statement Antiques

Interiors are shifting from formulaic to unique and varied. Instead of rooms strictly sticking to a single interior design style, they’ll include objects that shouldn’t work together – but somehow do.

More homeowners are returning to their roots and appreciating the history of furniture pieces. Whether the pieces are 100s of years old or made using ancient techniques and artisanal knowledge, heritage will form the core of this year’s design inspiration.

One of the most popular ways to embrace this new way of approaching interior design will be incorporating antiques into modern and contemporary spaces. To do this seamlessly in your own home, tie in the antique piece with a vintage lighting fixture, ornate rug, or elegant ceiling trim.

Stay On Top of 2024 Interior Design Trends With Designer’s Mark

Trends inevitably come and go, but dabbling in trendy colors or patterns lets you experiment with your interior design style and create a one-of-a-kind home that beautifully represents your taste.

Whether you’re working with boring white walls or an uninspiring sofa set, these 2024 design trends can help you upgrade your space and create something trendy, timeless, and personalized.

To find out more about how Designer’s Mark can help transform your home, contact our experienced and helpful team at (561) 961-4149 today. To stay on top of the 2024 interior design trends, follow the Designer’s Mark Instagram page.

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