The Science Of Interior Design

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When you think of interior design, you may not think of it as a scientific or psychological process. But the art of design and science are more closely connected than you think; particularly when it comes to shapes and colors. If you’ve ever noticed certain colors that are prominently featured in certain spaces – like the color red in fast food restaurants – this isn’t a coincidence. Certain colors have been shown to have specific effects on our emotions and moods.

Interior designers are quite familiar with the psychology of color in one’s home and workspace. Learn more about the scientific aspects of interior design.

Color By Numbers

The elements involved in color selection involved a certain amount of math and understanding of the brain. There are many technical details in considering the geometry of a space, the measurement of the room, and the balance of color palettes. Having little to no skill in these areas can make it difficult to achieve the atmosphere or “vibe” that you’re looking for if you attempt it on your own.

For example, you don’t want your room to have too many right angles when it comes to tables, art, and other décor items. This tends to make things look harsh or edgy, rather than relaxed or fun. Space planning is another factor to consider: how should you integrate furniture into a particular room? It’s not enough that a certain couch or shelf will fit into a room: the height, width, and depth of furniture, combined with the proportions of the room and other furnishings, are also important. It may be hard to imagine all of this at once; this is where the “science” of interior design comes into play. A professional interior designer can visualize and then put your dream design into action.

Finding The Right Light

Furniture and décor are integral to interior design, but don’t forget lighting! Never underestimate the impact that lightbulbs can make; just changing your bulbs from CFLs to incandescent ones can change the “color temperature.” This feature, combined with the right furniture and décor, has a direct impact on the way you feel in your space.

The science of how light and color impacts mood is recognized even outside of interior design. Each room in your home serves a different purpose, so choosing a light and color scheme for each is vital. You won’t have the same characteristics for your bedroom, which is for sleeping, that you would have for a study or an office, which is for working.

Interior Design Professionals in South Florida

Designer’s Mark is a family-operated interior design showroom in Boca Raton. With over 25 years of experience creating luxurious and enchanting spaces, we’ve cultivated a solid and loyal following. We understand that a well-designed space has a smooth, cohesive flow to it, with every piece of furniture and décor evoking visual pleasure and harmony. But a well-designed space is both visually appealing as it is functional.

We pride ourselves on having a keen eye for style, detail, and elegance; transforming an ordinary home into a welcoming and unique space that reflects the personality of every client. We have an unlimited supply of resources, spanning from designer furnishings to designer lighting, flooring, wall art, and more. Everything we offer incorporates the latest trends in both function and design.

If you have goals for a certain space in your home, but aren’t sure how to make it happen, we’re here to help! Are you ready to make your mark? We can’t wait to work with you! 

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