Design Innovation: Art and Alchemy Lighting

Art & Alchemy lighting

Bold and forward thinking, Art and Alchemy Lighting provide exceptional quality lighting fixtures that elevate your home into the modern luxury. Art and Alchemy keep designer freedom at the core of their designs. They let masterful artisans create one of a kind works of art that check the boxes for form and function in your home. Each piece is a one of a kind, made to order right here in Virginia.

Art and Alchemy Lighting: The History

Art and Alchemy began with high aspirations in 2017; with a drive to bring true innovation to the lighting market and create unique pieces that inspire. In just a few short months, they landed themselves as a finalist on Interior Design’s Best of Year Awards. The Pivot Plug-In is worthy of the accolade and speaks to Art and Alchemy’s vision and design philosophy as a whole: the magical creation of something that expresses human creative skill.

No elevated level of design aesthetics would work in a home; unless it’s purposely functional. The range of movement and adjustability on the Pivot Plug-In is a testament to its versatility and practical use. Included with brass shields are the Pivot Plug-In; allowing for customized attachment on the LED lux capacitors of your choice. This gives you full control over the direction and strength of the emitted light.

All About Design: The Workroom

The Art and Alchemy Workroom is a haven for designers. The workroom removes boundaries and allows artisans to create to their hearts’ content. Creativity is found in innovation, and innovation is found in exploration. These artistic Workroom endeavors have resulted in the fascinating styles and techniques used in the Art and Alchemy collections. From the intricate work of creating Hugo to the hand-poured casting technique used to create the Coral fixtures from molten aluminum.

Connected deeply to the Art and Alchemy philosophy is the Hugo style. Originally brought up by designer David Martin; it’s a piece so intricate and complex but utterly gorgeous in execution. Backlit perforated steel lets light shine through in a piece reminiscent of the stars. In attempting to sway away from the conventional, Art and Alchemy realized that was what they were there for; to do the unconventional. To create through artistic inspiration lighting that brings both form and function.

The Style: Designer’s Mark Favorites

The signature forward-thinking style of Art and Alchemy really shines through in their spotlight pieces. Here they showcase both the innovative design and the masterful execution of every item. The designers draw inspiration from geometry and the natural world; themes which strongly carry through each step of the design process.

The Coral

Modeled after natural coral reef; this work of art consists of hand-poured and cast aluminum to form a metallic replica of the natural life form. The aluminum is cast in smaller chunks before being hand-melded together; this creates a unique shape with every piece built. Furthermore, thanks to the modular creative process, Coral can be customized to fit every space and shape. Coral is the focal point your home needs.

Fusion Pendant

Unabashedly modern, this piece evokes the feeling of a glass and metal cityscape. Steel, structure, and fused art glass all play a role in making this piece striking; the glow from the bulbs warm and shimmering, reacting with designed flare.

Art and Alchemy At Designer’s Mark

Ready to be inspired? Check out Artand Alchemy at Designer’s Mark. Contact us today at (561) 961-4149 for a private consultation with one of our design experts. We’d love to help you find the perfect Art and Alchemy lighting sculpture to suit your style.

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