The Art Of Arrangement: Styling Tips For Showcasing Home Accessories


Home accessories only truly shine in a well-arranged home. The key to getting the most design appeal out of the home accessories you’ve chosen is to ensure that they’re arranged in the best possible way: make them work for your space and not in addition to it. Just as you would organize the layout of your living room and bedroom, your home accessories need their own proper places and design intent. When used correctly, your home changes from a simple space to a stylish one. We’re here to help guide your inspiration with some home accessory styling essentials and some designer creations to get you started.


How To Style Home Accessories

Home accessories find the nexus between form and function, although you wouldn’t be wrong to assume that form takes the front seat. We use accessories in our home to enhance our living space, add detail, and highlight certain visual focal areas. They all work together in tandem with larger furnishings, like dining tables and couches, to create a space that feels cohesive and designed with intent.

Home accessories are a must-have part of the styling of your home. Whether your accessories are functional or purely decorative, there are a few key styling tips that you should keep in mind:

  1. Don’t be afraid to make a statement: Home accessories give you the opportunity to be bold without overpowering your space — something that’s much harder to achieve with large furnishings. If you want to be bold with a color or particular material, incorporate this through accessories. This pop of color or texture can draw the eye and provide visual aesthetics to a part of your space that’s looking unfinished.
  2. Embrace art: Art makes for an extremely personal style-driven addition to your home’s decor. Wall art, standing art, and sculptures are conversation pieces that act as a focal point in a room, making it a perfect addition for focused, inspiring spaces. Art can also be found in the arrangement of your home accessories. Embrace items with different heights and sizes, and play around with levels and perspectives.
  3. Find form in function: Sometimes, we start looking for accessories based on a functional need. This is common in entertainment areas. You want a bar cart and serving trays for when you’re hosting, but you don’t want any old thing. This is where luxury home accessories come into play. They can help you fill out a functional space with works of art, often custom made to your material and finish requirements.
  4. Don’t save the candles: Don’t wait for special occasions! The right accessories enhance your day-to-day home experience, including everything from the diffuser you haven’t opened yet to the scatter cushion that’s only out for guests. Embrace your home being your haven daily, and you can find full enjoyment in your space and what your home accessories can offer.
  5. Work with your space: In most cases, we work from the large furnishings down to the small. This means that home accessories are often the last piece of the jigsaw puzzle. Make sure to choose pieces that will elevate your space, work with it cohesively, and not overpower your overall design vision.
  6. Invest in luxury: Good quality goes a long way. As with every part of your home, you want to invest in pieces that last, are made with expert hands, and that will continue to inspire you and your home for seasons to come.
Global Views

Designer Spotlight: Luxury Home Accessories

Home accessories are a strong opportunity for designers to shine. Unconstrained by functional requirements, many designers find their spark in their accessory offerings. These pieces can be anywhere from simple and minimalistic to bold and designed without limits — the sky is the limit in terms of artistic vision. Here are some of our favorite designers to help kick start your home’s vision.

Chelsea House

Chelsea House mixes old and new in a fascinating display of timeless sophistication. Their artisans replicate elements of nature and bring them to life in home accessories that feel modern and chic. Their floral range, consisting of orchids, tulips, and hydrangeas, combines the simplicity of only two materials: antique gold leaf stems, and porcelain white blossoms. In contrast, their blue and green painted vases and centerpieces evoke the impression of patterns mirroring a home’s natural style. From emerald-green enamel trays to gold leaf-ornamented vases, Chelsea House is a breath of fresh air in modern design.


GUAXS takes glass designs to the next level. Each piece, being mouth-blown, is unique and finished by hand, creating art that is one of a kind. While also taking strong inspiration from nature, pieces by GUAXS are finished in more natural, earthy tones and perfectly offset a house filled with greenery or a space needing some grounding. GUAXS artisans take pride in their work and in their cultural inspirations, protecting and preserving techniques for the generations to come. This especially shines through in their lighting range, which brings together innovative textures and techniques and blends them with design function to create lighting fixtures that inspire.

Global Views

Global Views excels in texture and design innovation. Starting in 1997 with far-reaching cultural inspirations, this designer has greatly expanded their offerings to include home accessories that inspire. Sets like their fused floral collection and family sculpture pieces take a more classic artistic approach to home accessories, but even in the design of their vases, their vision is clear. There truly is something for everyone from Global Views, and there’s no better way to see how they can work for your space than to see their work in person.

Accessorize With Designer’s Mark

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