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GUAXS Home Accessories

GUAXS accessories showroom

Glass can be a mystical material. It can take something seemingly ordinary and transform it into the extraordinary. Glass accessories remove barriers while amplifying visual aesthetics. GUAXS accessories understand these amazing properties and showcase them in each of their glass objects.

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    About GUAXS Accessories

    Founded by Annette and Anselm Schaugg, this brilliant team strives to create objects that evoke emotions. More than accessories, their pieces can change the atmosphere of any space. What makes their objects different than other glass designers is that they draw inspiration from their personal experiences. Travel, intuition, and close observations are all evident in their designs. The Schaugg’s passion for nature and culture influences each object. Qualities that set them apart, such as:


    Rooted and rich in tradition, each GUAXS object is mouth-blown and produced solely by hand. The GUAXS team selects only the best materials, manufacturers, and cutters. Their team of artisans exhibits exceptional craftsmanship and experience in their role. As they seek out manufacturers in countries where their art serves as a longstanding tradition, their objects reflect the respect GUAXS holds for the process.


    Supporting the craft is crucial to upholding their standards. As each GUAXS object is unique, every creation must follow a distinct process before completion. Expert craftsmen carefully handcraft metal molds for each design. Top artisans skillfully blow the glass into these molds. This precaution is necessary due to the unique layered glass combinations forged by GUAXS. After each object cools, careful hand grinding, polishing, and cutting finish the object. GUAXS enthusiasts appreciate how each piece reflects not only the quality of the brand but also the dedication to preserving a tradition so rooted in the artisan’s culture.


    Intuition and consciousness are critical to the design process at GUAXS. Inspiration drives each object. Through the preservation of their skills, GUAXS allows their organic creativity to continue for generations to come. Cultural and natural inspirations help to format their spiritual ideas. The GUAXS movement evolves through its experience with organic developments to ensure quality objects reach their destination. While spontaneity plays a significant role in their designs, their final products offer an intentional representation of their ideology and practice.


    While their focus is superior glass artistry, GUAXS offers an array of carefully curated collections. Their extensive line of objects is comprised of captivating glasswork that will surely add instant intrigue to any space. GUAXS also offers attractive lighting options to illuminate areas and enhance the overall aesthetic presence. True collectors of GUAXS accessories will be delighted by their luxurious Masterpiece collection. They collaborate with only the top artisans to create one-of-a-kind pieces in limited editions. For those looking for more functional designs, be sure to check out GUAXS à table for the finest crystal glasses.

    GUAXS Accessories In Boca Raton

    For over 8 years, Designer’s Mark has been the premier interior design showroom for residents and interior designers in Boca Raton.  Our longstanding commitment to customer loyalty continues to appeal to those who enjoy the finer elements of life.

    We proudly offer a wide array of GUAXS accessories, and our philosophy aligns closely with the creatives at GUAXS. We both strive to curate objects that evoke emotion and delight the senses. Designer’s Mark strives to create spaces that are not only visually appealing but also functional. Incorporating striking GUAXS accessories into your home reveals a timeless elegance with a modern twist.

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