Modern Furniture That Defines Your Space


Incorporating modern furniture into your home lets you define your living spaces in a fresh way, with an edge of understated luxury and comfort. Modern furniture has an effortlessness to it that creates a living space that is practical, yet elegant.

What Makes A Piece Of Furniture Modern?

Modernism turned its back on the excessive flourishes of the Renaissance, Gothic and Victorian design styles, leaning towards a more subtle and simplistic approach. Regardless of the style of modern furniture that appeals to you, the modern aesthetic is defined by key components, such as:

Clean Straight Lines

Doing away with heavy textures and wood tones, the modern style embraces clean straight lines with no extra embellishment. Incorporating this into the shape of the rooms, as well as the furniture and finishes, creates a refreshing and modern living space.

Steer clear of ornate mirrors or detailed chandeliers – modernism thrives on crisp edges and flat accents.

To complete the look, modern furnishings can be paired with:

  • Oversized tiles
  • Wooden floors, sanded to reduce the grain
  • Inset shelves that are set into the walls to take up less space
  • Fewer internal walls
  • Open floor plans
  • Doing away with molded window, door, wall and ceiling trims

Use Of Metal

Clean, polished metals such as chrome and stainless steel have replaced old fashioned wrought iron and are a key element to modern furniture design. Thayer Coggin, one of the many brands we have in our showroom, make beautiful use of metal in their range of modern furniture.

Chrome elements are often used for finishing’s throughout the home for faucets, handles, railings, lamps and doorknobs. The slightly blue undertone of polished chrome has a cold feel that lends itself well to the modern design aesthetic.


Minimalism approaches interior design with a “less is more” approach. Superfluous details are stripped away, such as cabinet trim, columns and moldings. Color and textured textiles are used sparingly. Embracing minimalism in your home doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice comfort – it just means that the comfort comes from a few key items as opposed to countless smaller pieces.


Design clutter refers to accessories such as pottery, collections, knick-knacks, vases, throws, rugs or blankets. Essential items such as books, electronics and keepsakes are kept out of sight in cabinets, draws or closets. Clutter items can distract from the clean lines that you’ve established and can look out of place in such an organized aesthetic.

If you want to experiment with these, go for solid color objects and remember that in modernism less is always more.

Bold Accent Colors

Modern styling tends to favor predominantly neutral colors, with pops of bold colors used sparingly as accents to provide focal points in the room. Adriana Hoyos’s range of textiles offer a feast of neutrals in subtle textures that complement the line of furniture, as well as the bold colors that you can use as accent colors. Bold colors can be incorporated in these ways:

  • One accent wall
  • Abstract artwork
  • One item of furniture in a bold color (for example a couch or coffee table)
  • Statement throw pillows
  • Bright throw rugs

Single Shape Styling

Picking a shape to determine the styling of a room is a simple means of achieving a modern space. For circular inspiration, Thayer Coggin has a charming range of curved sofas with sofa tables to match. Their range of drum tables echo the round shape and come in various sizes and finishes, including a polished metal set which captures the essence of modern design. With a full range of furniture to choose from, you are sure to find items that will suit whatever shape you’re dreaming of.

Recessed Or Built-In Shelves

It is possible to create a modern living space and keep some of your collections. Try making clever use of recessed or built-in shelves. These shelves can be lit from within, creating an open effect while remaining efficient and keeping your favorites on display.

The Timeless Nature Of Modern Furniture

Modern furniture design reinterprets the past to introduce timeless pieces that stay fashionable; without being trendy and remains relevant in both simplicity and function. Modern furniture is designed to be practical in a way that meshes seamlessly with your lifestyle. It defies the boundaries set by trends and produces classical pieces that are flexible enough to adapt with your vision.

Are tasked with creating a modern living space? We are proud to offer you top of the range furniture and finishes that will transform your vision into reality. With Designer’s Mark, you have everything you need to create a modern living space, right at your fingertips.

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