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Adriana Hoyos Furniture

adriana hoyos furniture showroom

Sophistication and handcrafted quality form the foundation for Adriana Hoyos Furniture, as they strive to deliver unique and distinctive pieces that turn a space into something special. By finding the balance between sharp lines, geometric shapes, and smooth curves, natural meets contemporary in a wide array of luxurious collections.

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    Adriana Hoyos Furniture: Sophisticated Luxury

    Since 1994, Adriana Hoyos Furnishings have been making luxury simple. Softwood textures and neutral tones bring a balance that can fit into any home aesthetic, with comfort a paramount priority. Feel at home with some of their signature collections, and experience the Adriana Hoyos touch.


    Inspired by the islands that share its name, the Galapagos collection brings the beauty of nature indoors. Soft blues, whites, and grays evoke the relaxing feel of island life while providing the comfort and sophistication of a tailor-made home. The collection brings new furnishings, finishes, and fabrics to the brand, so you’re bound to find a piece that’s perfect for you.


    Clean lines with pops of drama abound in this collection, inspired by the quintessential elements of the Latin American Rumba music genre. Rumba accent pieces work wonders in adding a little of something interesting into a simple space, with design pieces working off the themes of celebration and movement. Each piece is handcrafted, letting you choose finishes and fabrics that match your home’s style.


    For a more modern look, Ten is filled with function-based contemporary pieces. To make you feel at home by the beach or in a city center, look no further than these architecturally inspired and innovative designs. Despite the contemporary feel, Adriana Hoyos weaves in elements of the natural world, creating a distinctive airy addition to any space.

    Exclusively Handcrafted

    Over 200 qualified and experienced artisans work to make every Adriana Hoyos piece outstanding. Quality and consistency go hand in hand during every step of the design and creation process, and the care and craftsmanship show through in each collection.

    Every collection starts with an idea and an inspiration, and Adriana Hoyos pulls design influences from world travels, nature, and traditional Latin American culture. The furnishings feel authentic unabashedly elegant in their simplicity, without taking away from their natural sophistication. Wood finishes and textile choice are also completely available custom-made, ensuring your space has a cohesive flow and brings out the atmosphere you’re looking for. Custom doesn’t erase comfort — Adriana Hoyos furniture is ergonomically designed, making your home a place you can truly relax.

    Adriana Hoyos At Designer’s Mark

    With collections that evoke nature and simple sophistication, Adriana Hoyos furnishings can suit residential, commercial, and hospitality living spaces. Unique fabrics, buttons, and finishes let you add your own personal touch to every piece, bringing your inspiration and style to the forefront of your home’s design. If you’re interested to see how this unique brand can elevate your home’s style, take a visit to our Boca Raton showroom and experience these collections in person.

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