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Lighting plays a larger role in home design than you may think. Whether on display or smartly hidden, lighting plays both functional and aesthetic roles in a space—meaning it needs to be chosen and installed with an expert hand.

It can be a functional piece for a specific purpose, like office or kitchen lighting, or it can act as a statement piece as a focal point for a room. Luxury lighting takes these elements and elevates them in every way: clean design, quality craftsmanship, and conversation-starting construction.

We’re here with some of the industry’s best in lighting design to show you just how much character the right lighting fixture can add to your home.

Innovative Luxury Lighting

What separates lighting from luxury lighting? In the simplest terms, any old lamp will do the trick if you need to light up a room. But what about design and inspiration? Lighting must be designed and chosen with intent. A skilled interior designer can choose the fixture that will illuminate your space in more ways than one, adding the core elements of design in addition to its functional purpose. If you’re looking to broaden your horizons in terms of luxury lighting design, these 5 designers offer unparalleled innovation and creativity.

hudson valley lighting

1) Hudson Valley Lighting

Hudson Valley Lighting focuses on three core principles: Quality, Design, and Craftsmanship. Their goal is to create pieces inspired by timeless designs with a modern touch, resulting in fixtures that feel fresh and inspired in almost any setting. They lean towards metallic finishes and diffused lighting, creating an ambiance that falls between relaxing and energizing depending on how the space is styled. Their designs feel effortless and clean, never taking away the quality that makes them a pinnacle of luxury lighting design.

Their new collections prominently feature aged brass-finished tones, complemented either with black or white. Their alabaster finishes, like in the Briarwood sconce, softly diffuse light outwards, creating a piece that’s perfect for evening glows and calming bathroom lighting. Other pieces are available in a black brass finish, for those who want to balance metallic tones with shine elsewhere. Throughout their designs, one design theme is clear: effortless sophistication.

troy lighting

2) Troy Lighting

Troy Lighting, also part of the Hudson Valley Lighting Group, explores natural comfort from more contemporary influences. While the aged and black brass used by Hudson Valley Lighting are still core staples, Troy Lighting’s designs evoke a more natural and elevated feel against the simplicity of Hudson Valley Lighting. Designs feature natural motifs like shaped metallic leaves, rattan shades, and rippled gradient glass. They feel youthful and inspired, while still retaining a sense of timelessness in the simplicity and cleanliness of their design.

The Beryl pendant makes for the perfect complement for an industrial or modern home design. It features a gradient-shaded glass dome with a ripple pattern underneath, topped with a patina brass mount. The soft golden tones balance out darker and lighter colors in a space, adding visual interest and intrigue. It’s also available in two sizes: the smaller can be mounted closer to the ceiling, and the larger can be offset by a matching brass chain.

corbett lighting

3) Corbett Lighting

Corbett Lighting rounds out the offerings of the Hudson Valley Lighting group, focusing on the core aesthetics of luxury lighting. It is outstanding contemporary sophistication, finished to perfection, and crafted with skilled hands. This is where you’ll find statement pieces—the designs here are made to stand out, to start conversations, and to pull a room together like you’ve never seen before.

The Genoa collection is a standout example. These weeping willow-inspired designs take natural inspirations to the next level, with clear and frosted glass beaded on gold leaf strands to mimic the branches of a tree. The simple colors and gold leaf finish create a natural overall look, complementing a wide variety of room design styles. With expert styling, these statement pieces can work wonders in a space that needs revitalization and a dash of sophistication.

Hubbardton Forge

4) Hubbardton Forge

Hubbardton Forge encapsulates their entire design and creation process inside the United States. They’re based in Vermont, where they take natural inspirations to the next level. Luxury lighting requires a skilled hand and an even greater commitment to quality and craftsmanship, and this is evident in Hubbardton Forge’s workshop. They uplift American makers and sustainability drives, working constantly to deliver quality with no cut corners. This is what sets them so far apart from fast furniture makers, and what allows them to create with such inspiring and innovative influences.

Aside from their most popular Fusion and Coral designs, Hubbardton Forge creates pieces that feel fresh and inspiring with an ever-growing list of collections. By the nature of the craftsmanship, no two pieces are alike in their construction, and exceptional quality is always assured. Worth particular emphasis are their options for bathroom lighting, a space often used for multiple purposes. Calming lights help create a relaxing ambiance, while brighter designs feel energizing when preparing for the day. Hubbardton Forge find the nexus in their designs, with lighting solutions that can suit varied styles.

Beacon Custom Lighting

5) Beacon Custom Lighting

Beacon Custom Lighting delivers quality in design time and time again. In addition to their ready-to-buy collections, they also pride themselves on residential and commercial custom designs that are created with your space in mind. They use traditional Bohemian glass-blowing techniques to make fixtures that offer a natural-inspired design that’s elevated to contemporary style.

Their Tetra collection is one of their most versatile—but also their most simple. The design stems from a single simple triangle, made from a wide range of materials to suit your space, and organized in any shape or configuration you require. You can have a small, illuminated statement wall light, or an entire ceiling covered in Tetra panels. This ability to adapt to your space means it’s always perfectly suited to your home’s design.

luxury lighting

Luxury Lighting in Boca Raton

The impression that luxury lighting delivers is essential when designing your home. The design must match the atmosphere you want to achieve, while still adding to the functionality of the lighting fixture.

If you’re searching for inspiration or for an expert hand to guide your space, look no further than Designer’s Mark in Boca Raton. We have decades of experience in styling residential and commercial spaces and finding the nexus between form and function in luxury lighting design.

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