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Hudson Valley Lighting

Hudson Valley showroom

Hudson Valley Lighting effortlessly combines the modern with the historical, merging style eras to create timeless lighting fixtures that continuously inspire. With a history of innovation that spans back decades, it’s difficult not to see the elements of both present and future, with craftsmanship that conveys luxury.

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    About Hudson Valley Lighting

    Hudson Valley Lighting have been creating designs that embody timeless luxury since the 1980s. In addition to their main brand, they also run Mitzi by HVL, Troy Lighting, and Corbett Lighting, each with their own atmosphere and style in terms of design approach.

    Design Ethos

    There’s no doubt about it— luxury is the core tenet that drives the Hudson Valley Lighting team. They strive for excellent craftsmanship that creates fixtures that last through time, delivering, in their own words, an “out-of-box-experience” that displays this quality. They use historical inspirations and match them with modern trends, making timelessness simple and attainable.

    Diversity Of HVL Collections

    Mitzi by HVL focuses on craftsmanship and attainability, making beautiful lighting simple and setting trends. We love the classic elegance of the Aira collection, with sleek metal finishes and soft bulbs for the perfect bath and vanity glow. The Ace range from Troy Lighting takes the Aira atmosphere one step further, with chandeliers that evoke simplicity and sophistication. The Adirondack sconces and pendants feel fresh and natural, the design finished in silver leaf.

    Hudson Valley Lighting sorts each one of their collections by styles, ranging from the Classics to the Rustic Edit, to Luxe Elegance. They carry a wide array of both essential and exceptional fixtures, with hundreds of styles to choose from to suit your home. Their 2021 collections bring aged brass and nickel finishes together with innovative designs, offering a balance of the old and new.

    Grand chandeliers are offered both highly ornamented for the classic atmosphere and stripped back for a more modern feel. Bronze-toned floor lamps match to similarly styled table lamps, creating cohesiveness in a living or workspace. Balancing the scale to the modern side is Corbett Lighting, delivering innovative designs that feel fresh and experimental.

    Finding Your Style

    With hundreds of fixtures to choose from, finding your personal style is the most important part. Lighting needs to serve a purpose and fit into your design theme, but it can also express your personality. Building your space around lighting gives you the freedom of choosing a fixture that’ll serve as a centerpiece, like the Blossom chandelier.

    In contrast, simple and understated pieces like the Acadia lamps work to enhance an atmosphere instead of stealing the spotlight; letting you take control of your room’s focal points. Neighboring collections can work in tandem to create the sense of togetherness and give your space some much needed life.

    Hudson Valley Lighting in Boca Raton

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