Custom Window Treatments By Coulisse

custom window treatments

Window treatment colors and styles can change a space monumentally. Since 1992, Coulisse has been at the forefront of ingenuity and environmental responsibility, offering extra width fabrics that can create custom window treatments to suit any space, no matter the style or color.

Coulisse Custom Window Treatments Are…

Structure & Simplicity

The simple structure of roller blinds is unmatched: whether your window treatment fabric is light and airy or rich and decadent, there’s something special about going back to basics with roller blinds. We’ve chosen some of our favorite roller blind collections from Coulisse that makes for elegant window treatments in any home.

  • Serenity: Simple whites, creams, and pastels offer a dreamy and airy filter through which sunlight can pass. Soft floral prints have been in the design spotlight for years, and there’s a good reason for it.
  • Herbarium: Wholly inspired by nature, this collection combines hand-painted designs drawn from botanic archives with the gentle blue tones of the ocean. Choose how much light and privacy you want with transparent, dim-out, and black-out variations of Herbarium.
  • Decadence: Heavy jacquards and prints take the spotlight in this richly colored collection, proving that pops of color are never too hard to achieve. Reds, blacks, oranges, and blues: this collection has something to suit your home.
Custom Window Treatments

Sustainable & Stylish: Eco Essence & Eco Serene

Coulisse is committed to making a positive change in the environment. Acknowledging that plastic waste affects everyone on the planet, their innovative design team created two special kinds of roller blind fabric: Eco Essence and Eco Serene. But, sustainability doesn’t stop with the materials. Coulisse uses 50% less energy and water in the creation of Eco Essence and Eco Serene when compared to normal fabric production, and they have a staggering 30% less impact on climate change during production.

Eco Essence is made of 100% recycled PET bottles, putting plastic to use instead of letting it reach the oceans. This eco-friendly fabric comes in a range of seven neutral colors and at a width of 280 cm, perfect for large windows and a wide array of interior design themes.

Eco Serene is composed of 80% recycled plastic bottles, offered in the ever-enduring shades of blanc, grey, and cream at a width of 200 cm. The soft light filtered in through both Eco Essence and Eco Serene fabric offer privacy without the sacrifice of natural sunlight, a balance greatly desired as a key focus of interior design.

MOTION: When You Want It & How You Want It

The first step to a smart home is smart blinds. Motorized roller blinds from Designer’s Mark and Coulisse can add that extra touch of luxury to your home, from morning opening to remote activation. Choose to wake up with natural sunlight in the mornings, as your blinds slowly rise to start your day. Remotely activated blinds aren’t only tech-operated, you can also use our innovative Pull MOTION design to move your blind to the desired position.

With the custom MOTION app, you can manage your blinds whenever and wherever. You can open and close blinds while you’re away to make the house look occupied, and you can set timers for your blinds to stay open or closed to conserve energy. MOTION is also set to connect with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and IFTTT.

Coulisse At Designer’s Mark

The style of your home is as individual as you are, and there’s nothing better than custom design when creating your dream space. We’re here to see you through from design day one, right up until your custom window treatment is fitted. Are you ready to make your mark? Contact Designer’s Mark today for a private preview of the Coulisse window treatment line.

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