The Benefits Of Staging Your Home To Sell It

staging your home

Selling your home can be overwhelming, especially if you have limited time and energy. Staging your home before a sale comes with a staggering amount of benefits and actually helps ease the process for you. If you don’t know where to begin when it comes to decorating or if you need help finding luxurious statement pieces that speak to a larger number of potential buyers, then perhaps you should consider hiring an interior designer to stage your home.

Here, our design experts share 10 reasons you should consider staging your home before selling it.

1. Sell Your Home Quicker

When it comes to selling your home, the goal is to sell it as quickly as possible and for the largest amount of money, staging can help you do this faster. Hiring a professional enables you to present your home in a stylish and organized way, which increases its value in the buyers’ eye. Because they can visualize themselves better in a staged home, one that is staged well makes a great first impression on potential buyers and encourages them to make an offer right away. According to Forbes, 95% of staged homes sell within 11 days. With multiple offers on the table, you will increase the likelihood of a quicker sale and for the price you want.

2. Increase The Value Of Your Home

Although staging your home might come with upfront costs, you can actually make more money in the long-run on the sale. On average, staged homes sell for approximately 17% more – so making sure your home looks its best can significantly increase its perceived value.

3. Highlight Your Home’s Best Features

Choosing to stage your home means having design experts choose the most elegant and functional pieces to create a flow and bring out the best in your home. Designers have the expertise to handpick and place furniture, rugs, mirrors, art, and everything between to highlight the best features of your home. These are the details that help quickly sell homes.

4. Helps Buyers See Themselves In Your Home

Everyone has their own unique taste that makes a home theirs. However, sometimes our style might not be the most visually pleasing to potential buyers. Choosing to stage your home can depersonalize your space and allow for a more neutral decorating theme that appeals to the masses. This allows potential buyers to envision themselves living in your space which increases the likelihood that they will make an offer.

5. Makes Your Home Seem Larger

After a few years of living in a home, most of us are guilty of creating clutter. The terrible thing about clutter is that it isn’t very appealing to look at, nor does it do your home the justice it deserves. The beauty of having an expert stage your home before trying to sell is that they will remove the unnecessary things to maximize the space and make your home appear larger. A home that feels larger is likely to create a positive reaction among potential buyers.

staging your home

6. Increase Your Asking Price

If you stage your home, you can justify a higher asking price. If a potential buyer walks into a home that is sophisticated, stylish, and appealing, it’s easier to justify a higher asking price.

7. Protect Your Personal Belongings

Staging your home means you can pack all of your valuables and personal belongings away to remove the clutter and make room for pieces chosen by the designer. You can feel confident that nothing will get damaged or taken during showings.

8. Makes Your Home Appear In Better Condition

After removing all the clutter from your home, the next step is to conduct basic repairs and touch-ups. Expert designers can then begin styling your home with eye-catching pieces and ensure everything is in good order. This will make your home appear well-maintained and ready to move-in, which is more desirable to potential buyers.

9. It Maximizes How Your Home Looks In Pictures

These days people looking to buy a new home will spend their time browsing on the internet and social media to look at homes for sale. If your home is filled with attention-grabbing pieces, that are handpicked by the experts at Designer Mark’s, you can feel confident that pictures will do your home justice.

10. Saves You Time & Energy

The benefits of staging your home before selling it are abundant. The great thing about hiring experienced professionals to give your home that “wow factor,” means you won’t have to spend your time worrying about preparing it for pictures or showings.

Do You Need Help Deciding If You Should Stage Your Home?

When considering the different costs associated with selling your home, it’s important to understand if staging your home is the right choice for you. If you aren’t sure, it’s never a bad idea to discuss your needs with a professional or to see some of the designer pieces that could be displayed in your home.

Designer’s Mark has over 25 years of experience in the interior design industry and specializes in creating show-stopping, high-end spaces, with only the best brands. Are you ready to make your mark? Call our Boca Raton showroom today at (561) 961-4149 to find out more about how we can help you sell your home.

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