Designing Custom Furniture: The Arteriors Difference

Custom Furniture

Custom furniture is made to fit your exact specifications and needs, much like a tailored suit or dress. If you know exactly what you want, then why spend hours shopping around when you can create the item the way you want it? Whether you’re moving into a brand new home, or simply wanting to redecorate a room or two, Arteriors Home custom furnishings are handcrafted and they’re guaranteed to transform your space into something sophisticated, yet classically comfortable. What’s your story?

If you’re a custom furniture newbie, don’t be intimidated by the process – there is no right or wrong way to design your dream space. There are many elements to interior design so let’s discuss some of the benefits of having your furniture custom-designed, and some of the steps involved in designing a custom furniture piece.

Why Choose Arteriors Custom Furniture?

Knowing what you want is a beautiful thing, and could take you hours or days, of your life trying to find it. More often than not, the exact design you want doesn’t even exist or isn’t available in your area. Instead of searching the internet or visiting endless amounts of home goods stores, call a professional to help bring your custom furniture designs to life.

Some Benefits Of Designing Custom Furniture Include:

  • Saving you hours of research and shopping time.
  • The pieces are created to fit your space perfectly.
  • No one else will have the exact same piece.
  • You won’t have to compromise on fabric, style, or color.
  • You can save money by choosing to design a piece inspired by an existing brand, that ends up costing you less to have custom made.

What Are Modified Designs?

If you have found an almost-perfect piece of furniture and have a few ideas about how you want it to change, Designer’s Mark can help you modify the design to transform it into your perfect match. With the Arteriors Collection, you can value-engineer existing designs such as adding dimmers to a lamp or choosing a new fabric for your favorite couch. The Designer’s Mark showroom displays pieces from the Arteriors Collection and has a variety of elements and pieces that can be modified to meet your exact needs and specifications.

Some Benefits Of Modified Furniture Designs Include:

  • They can be more affordable than a custom design.
  • They can take less time to complete.
  • True and trusted design.
custom furniture design

The Custom Furniture Design Process

The design team at Designer’s Mark does it all. If you need assistance in the creative design process or want some help working within a budget, our design team will work with you to make your vision a reality.

Our designers have outlined some steps to help you understand what to expect from custom designing furniture:

Step 1: Prepare A Budget And Plan

An important step in the custom furniture design process is to plan how many pieces you need and determine a budget. Perhaps you are only wanting a brand new corner couch made to fit your newly renovated living room, or you’ve just added a new floor to your home and want a complete furniture refresh.

Once you have decided what you want and you’re hoping to have multiple pieces custom made, it is a good idea to prioritize them. Our design experts can work with your budget needs and give you a good idea of what the costs will be upfront.

Step 2: Measure Your Space

Measuring your space is a very important step in the custom furniture process. For instance, your dream couch could be what you think you want but it might not end up being right for your living room space. Measuring your space before contacting a design professional to discuss your custom furniture needs will help you be prepared. You can let them know what your exact measurements and specifications are so that they will be able to better assist you.

Step 3: Deciding On Custom Or Modified Design

Once you have completed steps one and two, our design professionals at Designer’s Mark will be able to help you determine whether a custom or modified design process is right for you. For example, if your custom design seems similar to those that are already in stock, our designers might recommend reviewing what is available and walking you through the different modifications you can make.

Custom Furniture Show Room In South Florida

With over 25 years in the interior design business, you can feel confident that Designer’s Mark works with only the best brands to ensure you will have a top selection of designer pieces to create your perfect home or office space. Are you ready to make your mark? Stop by our Boca Raton showroom today.

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