Cultivate Beauty With Phillips Collection Furniture

Phillips Collection furniture

Phillips Collection is all about the conversation. Creating it, inspiring it, and giving it a comfortable place to sit. We adore seeing the global inspirations come to life in the furnishings put forward, and the commitment to sustainability that they uphold throughout the design and creation process. The conversation of mixing design with sustainability is more important than ever, and we can’t wait to keep it going.

Phillips Collection Inspirations

The original inception of the Phillips Collection began in the late 60s in Hong Kong when Larry Phillips traveled the world for the family manufacturing business. He found exciting décor pieces which were sent back home and quickly became conversation-starting furnishings. From Hong Kong to Sri Lanka to Cambodia, the influence that founded Phillips Collection was truly global.

From the idea of discovery to one of creation, these furnishings tell a story. Phillips Collection entries feel natural, human, and above all crafted with excellence. They understand that for furnishings to stand the test of time, materials need to be sustainable. They bring discarded materials to life to reduce waste and treat every material that comes through their workshop as essential.

Your Home, By Phillips Collection

A Phillips Collection home is easily sophisticated, naturally inspired, and like a breath of fresh air. Natural materials create an open and inviting atmosphere, even in darker wood shades. We’re here to spotlight the Phillips Collection signature design style.

Single Wood Pieces

Console tables and benches by Phillips Collection are often made with a single piece of wood. This creates a striking and dramatic piece, elegantly luxurious while still being down to earth. Acacia wood is a workshop favorite, accented by dark iron bases or legs. The sleek and clean finish on these makes for excellent focal and conversation furnishings, with design influences from the natural to the industrial.

Single Tone Metal

Silver and gold are two of their leading metallics. They’re bold and bright, with a shine that would feel at home in a wide range of design styles. Whether cast console table or sculpted side stool, they retain the shapes of nature as a key design influence. Silver cast furnishings can be out of the box and unique, perfect for spaces that need something different and exciting.

Natural Sculptures

The Atlas collection highlights this signature of theirs with ease. They blend single-material desks, tables, and stools, and enhance them by adding sculpted figures as a base. This cross between art and nature feels unique and human, artfully put together in a fashion you don’t often see. The individuality and company style shines through in their sculpted collection entries.

Luxury Furniture at Designer’s Mark

Phillips Collection is exclusively an open-to-the-trade-only company, and Designer’s Mark is excited to stock inspiring pieces from this brand in Boca Raton. The natural and global influences on offer can elevate any home, and their home accessories and lighting fixtures are the perfect complements to statement furnishings.

Our design consultants have years of experience in keeping your style at the heart of procuring interesting pieces. Visit our Boca Raton furniture showroom today to be inspired by the natural luxury of Phillips Collection.

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