Professional Tips For Adding Luxury To Your Home Design

luxury home design

Luxury home design is all about the details. No matter your style, you can turn your home into the epitome of luxury with a few simple design secrets. We’re here to give you the inside look at some design practices to keep in mind while redecorating your home, creating a space you love that feels elegant and sophisticated. Ready to enhance your style?

Elevating Your Home Design Style

You don’t have to change your style to make your home luxurious. It’s all about how you pull your style together, lighting and sophisticated home accessories, and choosing complementing accents for the pieces in your home that you love. Getting rid of your personal style in favor of traditional trends and luxury leads to a space that you can’t call home. Keep your style, and work with it.

Enhancing your style means giving your home design the space to stand out. Lighting plays a key role in how we view our spaces, and this is the first thing we recommend addressing. Unless a light fixture is a statement piece, opt for recessed or hidden lighting. Let the spotlight shine on your home, especially if you have a busy room that can be softened by smart lighting. Of course, areas like the dining room and kitchen can benefit from centerpiece lighting fixtures, so use this tip wisely.

Always work in complements. A statement kitchen chandelier can be offset perfectly by hidden lighting under your cupboards, drawing the eye exactly where you want it to be. Too much of a good thing can be overwhelming, so remember to balance your space as a whole during the design process. This goes for colors, lighting, and textures. Creating a space that feels luxurious relies on cohesiveness and smart staging.

Effortless Luxury Home Design

Some industry-standard design practices can change up your home’s design instantly. While mirrors seem like a simple design addition, they add a wealth of style with very little effort. They make smaller spaces feel open and airy, and add utility to areas like entryways. Add character with a unique mirror by Arteriors, with collections embracing the old and new, created with masterful craftsmanship.

Adding luxury to your home also means adding more of your personal style. For a simple and easy renovation that enhances your space, we recommend changing door handles and drawer pulls for custom-chosen pieces. Choosing a finish and shape that works for your home and style adds luxury without the hassle, perfect for a seasonal change or to get you inspired for a larger rework.

When was the last time you changed your home accessories? While it’s easy to get attached to things you love, you may have collected more than your home needs. It’s never too late for a spring clean and declutter. Hold onto the accessories that make your house feel like a home, but don’t be afraid of retiring fixtures that don’t serve your home’s needs anymore.

Sophisticated Home Design by Designer’s Mark

Even small projects don’t have to be tackled alone. Our talented design consultants at our Boca Raton showroom have experience in guiding you towards the home that you love to live in. We can’t wait to work with you and refine your vision, bringing luxury to your home without all the stress.

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