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Phillips Collection Indoor Furniture & Accessories

Phillips Collection Indoor Furniture & Accessories

Phillips Collection takes inspiration from global cultures and the natural world to blend style and a hint of adventure. With a mix of natural and refined materials, each piece is a work of excellent craftsmanship and uniquely put together. The hand-finished touches make no two pieces identical, making every piece a work of art.

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    Phillips Collection: The Story

    With their start in art and artifacts, it’s easy to see how design has played an important role in the creation of Phillips Collection. Larry and Shirley Phillips began traveling the world in the 60s, taking in the global inspirations from Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Laos, and many more. What started as home décor pieces turned into trendsetting style, and in 1983, Phillips Collection began its journey.

    Inspired by global styles, Phillips Collection uses sustainable materials to create unique hand-crafted furnishings that feel fresh and connected to nature. From furniture to lighting to home accessories, each piece blends contemporary style with earthy tones for a truly special finish. As their tagline states, each piece is devoted to starting a conversation.

    Every Piece A Conversation

    There are several conversations that Phillips Collection focuses on. They fuel the design process, the drive, and sustainability efforts of the company. The first conversation is all about design: finding the link between old and new, and ensuring a design process that’s creative and forward thinking while still being inspired by the past and its roots. This conversation means a balance between organic and industrial, and ideas and creation.

    The second conversation is between Phillips Collection and the environment. They have a strong drive for sustainability and the preservation of traditional techniques. By caring for the environment during production, they’re creating pieces that are perfect for your home and the environment. In particular their Origins collection uses only discarded wood in each piece, totally reducing waste and leaving no two furnishings alike.

    Designer’s Picks

    We’ve chosen some of our favorite Designer’s Mark picks from Phillips Collection that we feel need their own spotlight. Expertly crafted and designed with intent, these pieces would fit perfectly in the home that needs a touch of nature.

    Broken Egg Oblong Gold Bowl

    Broken Egg Oblong Gold Bowl

    This dish, designed in collaboration with designer Dann Foley, fills the roles of both form and function. The gold leaf interior and pearl white exterior combine to feel light and fresh, the perfect home accessory to offset darker or wood tones. The natural shine can stand on its own, or you could fill the bowl with glass ornaments.

    Cloud Club Chair

    Cloud Club Chair

    Comfort and luxury go hand in hand in the selection of Cloud Club chairs offered by Phillips Collection. With a quilted 100% velvet cover, this seat looks and feels wonderfully soft. Available in blue, gray, and coral pink, the Cloud chair would work excellently as an accent piece in a living room, or as additional bedroom seating.

    Geometry Square Coffee Table

    Geometry Square Coffee Table

    Phillips Collection, while inspired by nature, offers innovative contemporary designs that would feel right at home in a sleek, luxurious space. The Geometry range of coffee tables, console tables, and side tables mix finished wood with a deep black accent, creating an accent piece that’s both eye-catching and understated at the same time.

    Phillips Collection in Boca Raton

    Need to revitalize your home accessories or bring that hint of nature into your home? Phillips Collection offers the natural luxury you’re after, with inspired designs that feel unique and sophisticated. Come visit our Designer’s Mark Boca Raton showroom to find your inspiration and let us help you find that Phillips Collection gem with your name on it.

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