What Steps Are Involved When Designing A Bedroom?

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A cohesive and luxurious bedroom design is vital to creating a space that completes your home. So, where does the design process start? We’re here to give you the steps involved with arranging a room that merges luxury with your personal style and sets the tone for relaxation. Whether you’re just starting your home design or looking for those perfect finishing touches, don’t let your bedroom take a backseat.

The Bedroom Design Basics

As with all the other rooms in your home, your bedroom needs to be designed with purpose. Where some rooms can be built for socializing and designed around other rooms in your home, the bedroom is your personal space— and that means it needs to reflect your personality. This is where you unwind after a long day, so atmosphere is of the utmost importance.

Designing Outwards or Inwards

There are two starting points when designing your bedroom. You either already have a centerpiece or “pillar” piece, or you’re starting from scratch. A pillar piece can be anything that inspires you, like a custom canvas or heirloom dressing table. Sometimes there’s a furnishing that sparks joy for you, this is your sign to let it lead the design process— this is working outwards.

If you’re working inwards, you start with the atmosphere you want to create. If you’re after a bright and airy interior with natural influences, start with your inspiration instead of a singular furnishing. Fill in the gaps with wall art, bedding, accessories, and wallpaper choices.

Utility and Aesthetics

Are you after convenience?  Smart lighting, blinds, and well-placed sockets can turn a beautiful room into one designed with living in mind. After all, this is a room you’ll use daily.

The right furnishings can provide extra storage and play a part in both the form and function of your bedroom design. It’s simple to add luxury to your home design, and it’s essential to create a space that inspires you.

Extra Seating

The bedroom can be more than just a bed. We love adding in a seating area to complement a dressing table and chair, creating the ultimate in both relaxation and function.  An area for quiet journaling or reading can also enhance the room’s atmosphere.

Why You Need A Design Expert

Designing a bedroom isn’t just about choosing your furnishings. You need an expert’s eye to arrange it all, fill in gaps with handpicked accessories, and custom-design lighting solutions that elevate and illuminate your space. It’s all these factors that work together to make your bedroom just right, and no detail should be overlooked.

Design experts can bring your vision to life and add both luxury and value to your bedroom design. From careful inspection of lighting levels to ensuring that every piece serves a purpose, don’t settle for anything less than a room that inspires you every day.

Luxury Bedroom Design In Boca Raton

If you need help getting started on your bedroom design project, the design consultants at Designer’s Mark are ready to show you the best in luxury designer furnishings.

We have years of experience in creating interiors that evoke sophisticated elegance and are on hand to help get your design process started. Contact us today at (561) 961-4149 for a private consultation. Are You Ready To Make Your Mark?

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