Types Of Living Room Interior Design Styles

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The living room is the center of the home. It’s a place for relaxation and entertainment, offering a unique ability to show off the best of your home’s style. So, which living room design appeals to you?

The interior design of your home should be cohesive with your living room’s design, but there’s plenty of room for experimentation and inspiration when styling this part of your home. From traditional to modern, minimalist to maximalist, your perfect living room is just waiting to be discovered.

We know how difficult it can be to put your style into reality, so we’re here to help jump-start your inspiration. We’ll take you through several of the most popular living room interior design styles — complete with the designers at the forefront of each home style. Creating a living room that feels personal to you has never been easier.

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Living Room Design Themes

The first step in designing your living room is considering your home’s interior design style. If you’re at the start of your home’s redesign journey, you may not have a full idea of what style suits you.

At Designer’s Mark, we work with you right from the start: whether you have your vision board entirely planned out or you’re looking for more inspiration before narrowing in on a particular style.

These living room design styles are found at the forefront of interior design trends year in and year out. They represent the core of what interior design can offer, but don’t feel constricted to a specific style only! Some of the most inspiring and design-forward homes are created by personal expression and being brave in your interior design decisions.

  • 1. Traditional: This is the classic older traditional English-inspired living room design style — and not a popular aesthetic unless you would like to project a feeling of the English countryside. This style is a mix of inspirations, tied together by ornate and multi-patterned color schemes, good use of texture, antique accents, and scrolled woodwork. This type of design has its focus on detail with traditional-focused accents and choosing your statement pieces wisely, such as art pieces or floral fabrics. This style draws heavy inspiration from older English and French design styles.
  • 2. Modern: Modern design is often misunderstood or tied with contemporary and mid Century design. The modern design style has a focus on functionality, with a streamlined style and minimalist inspiration. In a living room, this may look like toning down the overall impact of a space — getting rid of the frills — but investing in elements like wall art that make up for it. Explore furnishings made from natural, clean materials, with woods, metals, and glass making up the bulk of modern furnishings.
  • 3. Minimalist: Sometimes, simple is better. The minimalist living room strips back the accents and ornaments and lets a space speak for itself. For those of us with busy lives, a minimalist space can help reduce stress and bring peacefulness into the home. Overall, living rooms designed with minimalism in mind cut out the clutter. A space can still suit this style if it’s filled with furnishings, as long as they serve a purpose and don’t encroach on the space.
  • 4. Maximalist/Eclectic: In contrast to the minimalist interior design style, the maximalist style puts your full personality on display. This is for the homeowners who aren’t afraid to show off their full eclectic personality, in a space filled with color, conversation pieces, and uniqueness. Leaning more towards eclectic living rooms, this design style may suit art lovers, with walls of collected art pieces, sculptures, and handcrafted objects on display that don’t necessarily work together but rather are a contrast of one another.
  • 5. Mid Century: Mid Century design has catapulted itself back into the leading modern design trends. Designers like Thayer Coggin, who started design and production in the 1950s, have continued to uphold their legacy and commitment to quality furnishings while staying true to the style that they originally created for. Mid Century furniture finds the nexus between comfort and style, with its clean lines a hallmark of the interior design time period. This style suits living rooms with ease: couches and statement chairs are made for comfort, conversation, and clean style inspiration.
  • 6. Beach House: Wanting to make the most of Florida’s beach lifestyle? Coastal-inspired living rooms have been a longstanding trend in the design industry, and for good reason. They’re bright, breezy, and the color scheme of blues, whites, and sandy stone shades helps the blend of interior and exterior design feel more cohesive. It feels like a holiday home — every day. There are many small elements in addition to the larger furnishings that can contribute to this style, and this is where designs by PullCast come into play. By changing out lounge cabinet hardware, you can easily add that touch of beach living to your living room. We love the Ocean Collection by PullCast, and we know how easily it can pull a space together cohesively.
  • 7. Industrial: The industrial interior design style is another key player in the design world. Exposed brick, bulbs, and the use of metal and other natural materials are the key hallmarks of this design style, perfect for those looking for an elevated take on interior design. Industrial living rooms give off a moody, sophisticated atmosphere that perfectly fits those with refined taste. One key determinant is luxury lighting, with designers like Troy Lighting and Hudson Valley Lighting setting the tone with aged brass and glass fixtures.
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The most important part of your home’s design is reflected in quality, custom-designed furniture.  Designers who take extra care in their production processes deliver high-quality furniture that will stand the test of time.

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