Small Bedroom Design Ideas: How To Make The Most Of Limited Space

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A small bedroom doesn’t have to be a cramped bedroom. With good bedroom design, you can make the most of the space you have and still create a luxurious room. There are several key areas you can focus on to make use of every corner, as well as enhance a space that seems unsalvageable.

Small bedrooms offer a wonderful feel of coziness and comfort, and by utilizing some key design principles along with integrating your personal style, you can create a cohesive space that feels larger than it is.

Small Bedroom Design Basics

When assessing a space for decor, we first need to focus on the highlights and what we want to work on. One of the greatest examples of this is lighting. The bedroom design process is going to be different for a well-lit small bedroom than for a dimly-lit small bedroom.

Firstly, we want to work with the light and use it as a focal point to bring more airiness and space into the room. If external light is lacking, we need to think about how to brighten the room with lighting fixtures that work for the space.

Lighting For A Small Space

When you’re short on space, every design choice matters. Large or detailed lighting fixtures can make a small space even smaller, so simple functional or recessed lighting can add more to a space than something decorative.

We have limited focal points in a small room, and these must be chosen wisely. As mentioned, capitalize on natural lighting where possible in small spaces, and include functional lighting for evening hours as needed. For a creative choice, wall-mounted lighting fixtures add style while freeing up floor space.

Color Palette

In short, light colors make spaces look larger, and dark colors make spaces look smaller. While this is a general guideline, it’s not a rule. There are many darker colors that can enhance that comforting feeling without making the room feel cramped, especially when partnered with warm lighting.

Dark green wallpaper, for example, can add some texture and balance well with natural light and wood accents in a room.

Appropriate Accessories

Home accessories are essential for any space, including bedrooms, but in small spaces, they need to be used in moderation. We recommend choosing home accessories for functionality and enjoying the aesthetic parts as additions to your space that don’t over-clutter.

One of the best home accessories for a small space is a mirror. We’re inspired by the creations of Mirror Home, letting you add style while opening your room with the illusion of more space.

Double Up Functionality

Every inch of space counts. Bedroom design always includes types of storage along with bedside tables, writing desks, and dressing tables. In the design of a smaller bedroom, you need some of these pieces to work overtime. Bedside tables with storage or a writing desk with a mirror for getting ready are excellent ways to use all the space that you have available.

Smart Storage

Just because a room is small, it doesn’t mean that it can’t be functional. Good bedroom design makes use of every bit of space, and this is even more so in small bedrooms. With accessories or small items laying around, bedrooms can easily begin to feel overcrowded. Drawers, under-bed storage, and unique smart storage solutions are ways to make the most of your space by hiding away the clutter.

Bedroom Design In South Florida

No matter the size of the space, you need someone who knows how to use the principles of interior design to capitalize on the room.

Our interior design consultants are ready to help you craft the small bedroom in your home and create a haven of peace that makes the most of the space at hand.

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