Characteristics Of Luxury Interior Design

luxury interior design

Luxury interiors showcase the style and personality we want on display for our home, combining form and function to create the best possible space. But what defines luxury interior design? What characteristics should you be on the lookout for when choosing new furnishings?

We’re here to help show you that adding luxury is simple— and it does more to elevate your space than you might think. From large shelving units and sofas to the smallest home accessory, luxury furniture has never been more innovative and accessible.

What Makes A Luxury Interior?

Distinguishing luxury furnishings from fast fashion furniture is essential. While you may see an aesthetic you like in fast furnishings, these are products that won’t stand the test of time. Luxury interior design, on the other hand, focuses on a curated selection of furnishings that are handcrafted and built for generations to come. You get sustainably sourced materials, stronger craftsmanship, and innovative upholstery that’s easy to take care of.

Whether you’re buying pre-made or full custom, it is evident that luxury furnishings are created with true inspiration and a solid creative process. Pieces are created by artisans that have spent decades perfecting their craft and consistently seeking new inspirations.

However, there’s more to luxury interiors than just including designer furniture. Creating the space you want involves careful placement and considerations when it comes to color, texture, furnishing choice, and the basic principles of interior design.

By working with an interior design consultant, you can make sure every piece of your space fits together in a cohesive way.

Designer Furnishings: What To Look For

There are several characteristics to keep your eyes out for when starting a home redesign journey. We’ve put together a checklist to help you know you’re investing in quality furnishings that will serve both form and function requirements.


Quality is always key, and it sits at the heart of what separates furniture from luxury furniture. When we talk about quality, we want to know how products are being made, with what materials, and who’s making them.

Designers with in-house production teams generate quality – the vision is carried over from the creative process through to the building process with ease, and artisans with the brand’s style in mind work on the pieces themselves. Quality relates to how well the furnishing will last over time, and how much wear and tear it will take from regular use.

Material Choice

Material choice also extends to sustainability. Sustainably sourced materials such as high-quality wood can stand the test of time as well as being good for the environment. Many USA-based luxury designers, such as Precedent Furniture, invest heavily in giving back to the environment with every purchase. Designers with an eye for sustainability understand that these furnishings are not just meant to last a season before being thrown out.


Creators that push the envelope have a special spotlight in the design world and for good reason. The world of luxury interiors is constantly evolving, and the offerings need to be fresh and exciting. Most of all, they need to solve problems.

Innovation in fabric technology or the furnishing creation process adds new functionality and inspiration to your home. It’s never been easier to find furnishings that are easier to clean or maintain or offer some sort of joint aesthetic and functional advantage to your space.

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