Misia Paris: A Fabric Designer That Tells A Story

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Misia Paris is designer brand of fabric collections that breathes life and adventure into any space it is placed in. It is a brand that mixes glorious vibrancy with exceptional quality, simultaneously blending into every space and standing out entirely. If you are working with an interior designer and want to introduce luxurious and brilliant textiles into your home, the Misia Paris collection is the perfect place for you to begin.

So, what is it that makes this brand definitive in its reach for freedom and glamour?

The Visionary

Artistic Director of the Misia brand, Florence Vermelle is considered a modern visionary in the Textile Industry. After being exposed to renowned designers such as Charles Eames in her early days, she went on to join Texdecor, a family company which holds textiles at its core. Her love for fabrics exploded here, weaving together with inspiration gathered from all corners of the globe.

Global Inspiration

Florence’s creative direction was fueled by her many adventures; driven by each period, culture, and destination she saw. Each aspect of her travels has given rise to the most stunning projects throughout her career, one of which is Misia Paris the latest installment in a long line of opulent collections.

“Our desire is to re-enchant the world and at the same time, re-enchant you. For you, we are not only creating a fabulous visual, emotional, and tactile world: we are creating a world-story.

The Misia Paris collection found its inspiration in the freedom and avant-garde movement that was experienced in the start of the last century. Exuberant joy, daring creativity, and glamorous refinement all mix together to create a modern twist on these classic moods. A notable collection, Misia unveils our inherent desire for adventure.

Married Intuition

Florence effortlessly marries her intuition with her inspiration. She believes that:

 “Trends cannot be invented. They are sensed. They are detected… even hunted down.” 

She has the unique ability to discern exactly what elements will make each project bloom. She incorporates these into the delicate heart of every design, along with beauty, elegance, and sophistication. Placing trust in her intuition means an elegant explosion of color, texture, and patterns; all that create the glorious and charming Misia Paris line.

Misia Colors

Although color forms the foundation for all of Florence’s collections, Misia Paris is unique in the genius subtly of how each color is blended. There is a finesse in the way they have been chosen, and a grace in the way they have been combined. The colors used in Misia fabrics and wallpapers lead to an effortless elevation of any room they are found in and will inspire depth and character if used in your home.

Color is a key component of all luxury. The Misia Paris collection combines the best of these without limitation, creating a modern adventure in shades inspired by the Orient Express the most famous of trains. Misia takes one on a daring journey, from times long-past into lands not yet seen.

Misia Quality

Color and patterns are the main elements of interior design and textiles, but are a subjective affair. The emphasis is placed on maintaining the highest possible quality for each and every Misia design. Anyone can appreciate and value products objectively. The Misia collection then sweeps one away with visions of Copper, Bronze, Imperial Green, Peacock Blue, Ivory, Gold, and finally, Misia Blue.

The brand pays close attention to the origin of each product; choosing weavers carefully ensures the highest quality is offered at all times. Misia Paris is a testimony to the craftsmanship and wondrous heritage of master dyers.

Uncut velvets dance with bouclettes woven expertly with the finest Alpaca wool. Sophisticated textures introduce depth to each design; some with incredible jacquard, others showing calligraphic patterns, and others displaying Danse des Cypriens printed on linen silk.

Misia Paris: In Your Home

Misia Paris colors are chromatic harmonic, and steadfast in quality. With fabric ranging from heavy upholstery and velvets to delicate linen and satins; there is a Misia fabric for every corner of your home.

Do you want to incorporate stylish adventure into your space? Whether it be through upholstery or wallpaper, Designer’s Mark will bring the magic of Misia Paris into your home. Give us a call at (561) 961-4149, or pay a visit to our showroom today, to begin transforming your space into a luxurious story that you will never be tired of hearing.

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