Feizy: One Of A Kind Designer Area Rugs

designer area rugs

To complete your home with the most beautifully crafted offerings, top to bottom, Designer’s Mark showcases designer area rugs by Feizy. No room and no space is truly finished without a beautiful rug crafted to serve the unique needs of the room. Our selections come from principles a designer is working to uphold and for Feizy, a clear reverence for the ancient art of rug making is wonderfully evident in addition to being absolutely unique. 

Designer Area Rugs 

Our Feizy range offers the choice of hand-knotted or tufted, or machine made to suit the function and budget. Rugs are a craft and there is so much more to it than the rudiments. Custom rugs are keepsakes and can be heirlooms that could grow in value, if made well. Even more so if made with a true cultural infusion. A Feizy designer area rug adorns a room with something special… a one of a kind designer rug that tells a story while gracefully spanning the space. 

Works Of Art

The pattern on each rug draws inspiration by different design cultures or trends, creating various style options. The Feizy One Of A Kind area rugs in our showroom are a display of many magnificent styles. There are classic and contemporary, in shades and hues to complement any room. Each one is captivating in design and color that could capture the attention of many. Feizy rugs have an exquisite sheen resulting from high end materials and experienced construction methods. Employing the most advanced technology to aid in production doesn’t have to mean compromising the legacy skills typical of a good quality artisan rug. 

Room Finishers 

Feizy rugs offer a catalog of exquisitely styled rugs in many sizes and for all kinds of floor space. Beyond the catalog on offer, we can have your rug made for you as a one-of-a-kind. Some spaces are not traditional in shape or dimensions and as we seek to assist in the design of unusual homes and needs as well. You can have a Feizy one-of-a- kind rug exactly how you’d like it. An area rug will impact the dimensions of the room and will mingle with every other element in the room. The range thus enables you to have a rug that you love that works for the space.

A Historical Craft

Feizy has been making magnificent rugs since ‘73, and each rug is a true artist-piece of the history of rug crafting. As a design house, they really do embrace the history of rugs. Rugs have a rich cultural story; and, like antiques, should be valued and cared for. There is much work that goes into crafting rugs. Handmade, each one can take a team of people months to complete. The design and pattern that graces the eye is the expression of an intricate art. 

The Feizy One Of A Kind Rug Story 

For four generations, Feizy has held rug crafting in esteem as they developed a design and manufacturing house that offers rugs in many traditional styles. Having collected rugs from all over the world to exhibit, Feizy has a keen way of creating pieces that meet all the delicate specifications of a rug. It is true to say that wherever a fine art or craft is being employed, the beauty and value of it is intrinsically linked to the maker’s reverence for the history of that art. Feizy rugs are accomplished in this regard. 

Designer Area Rugs By Feizy at Designer’s Mark

Feizy has extensive experience, love and passion for their rug craft; you can witness this yourself at our showroom in Boca Raton. We’d love to discuss your space and offer you a consult on your design needs and see your project through right down to watching your rugs unroll. Are you ready to make your mark? Call us today at 561-961-4149.

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