Indoor Furniture That Transforms Your Space


No matter the size or use of any given space, you deserve to feel as if your home is your castle. Utilizing indoor furniture is a fantastic and straightforward way to create a custom aesthetic that transforms your space. From patterned accent chairs to unique tables, Designer’s Mark takes you through your home to inspire you why you should create a space that is uniquely yours.

Indoor Furniture Basics

While the idea of indoor furniture may create a vision of a couch to update your living room or a new bedside table, the scope goes much further! By widening your idea of what indoor furniture includes, your creativity will know no bounds. No matter your interests or skills in interior design, Designer’s Mark is here to help you every step of the way.

Why You Should Transform Your Indoor Furniture

Whether you are doing a complete remodel of your space or just replacing a few key pieces, furniture is the first aspect people notice about a room. While it is easy to find smaller items and accessories to bring the space together, furniture is the most critical aspect of your design.

Reasons you should put so much thought into your indoor furniture include:

Personal Style

No matter the room’s function, you will not realize the space’s full potential if it does not reflect the aesthetic you wish to portray. Whether you prefer timeless modern designs, like Thayer Coggin, or eccentric pieces, like Made Goods, indoor furniture is a great way to display your unique style. Not only do your choices allow you to make the most of your space, but it also helps to convey your personality to others. At Designer’s Mark, we can help find the style that is right for you while considering factors such as space and budget.


Considering your style is critical to transforming your space, but indoor furniture also needs to be functional. The idea of functionality goes beyond realizing your bedroom will need a headboard or your living room will need a couch.

For example, if you love to entertain, you will want to have ample seating. If you work from home, you will want to have an office or desk space that makes you feel productive. One way to best portray the functionality of any room is to find one piece of indoor furniture you absolutely love and design around that piece.


With the right indoor furniture, you can balance the weight of any room. For example, if you have multiple bulky pieces, the space can feel crowded. By entrusting the help of professionals, like those at Designer’s Mark, we can collaborate with you to find pieces to find the right balance for any size space. If you have your eyes set on a beautiful plush couch, such as one from Holly Hunt, it will best be paired with a more minimal coffee table, such as one from Elite Modern. Finding the right balance for your space allows you to dictate the flow of movement.

Indoor Furniture at Designer’s Mark

With over 25 years of experience in the interior design industry, Designer’s Mark prides itself on providing clients across South Florida with indoor furniture pieces that are sure to transform their space. As we offer over 30 different top-quality brands of indoor pieces alone, our experts are certain to help you find furniture no matter the size or function of your room.

From matching color schemes to size requirements, Designer’s Mark is dedicated to excellence. Whether you need one focal piece or help designing an entire room, our designers are sure to match your personal style, functionality, and space balance.

Ready to make your mark? If you have any questions about our services or would like to schedule a consultation, call us today at (561)-961-4149! Or, you can fill out a Designer’s Mark contact us form and one of our designers will be with you shortly!

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