Home Design Ideas For Your Primary Bedroom

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Out of all the spaces in your home, the primary bedroom is the most personal. This is where you should feel the most relaxed, and your home design should reflect this, along with your personal style. So how do you create the perfect primary bedroom? While the details are defined by your unique taste, here are the main areas you should consider when renovating and creating.

Home Design Focus: The Bed

Without a doubt, the bed is the focal point of the primary bedroom. The accessories and furnishings used in the rest of the room should angle around the bed’s placement, complimenting and framing the centerpiece. Symmetry can work wonders in smaller spaces, opening up the view of the bed and the room as a whole. Matching side tables, mirrors, or complementary works of art are both practical and aesthetically pleasing, no matter the style of the room.

As the focus of the room, the bed needs to be the embodiment of your personal home design style. You’re looking for more than just comfort— also the aesthetic comfort that lets you unwind at the end of a long day. Your room can take on a modern feel with a metallic bed frame, or feel cozy and comfy with natural wood finishes.

Creating Comfort with Color

Color can easily play the largest role in how you perceive your bedroom. As this is a place to sleep, the colors that are comforting to you should form the base of the room’s design. Some prefer dark tones, which offer a warm atmosphere, and some prefer lighter tones, which make a space feel refreshing.

If you like the comfort of dark tones but still want interesting texture, you can consider dark wood walls. The natural finish feels relaxing and softens out sharp or metallic accessories. Light colors, on the other hand, brighten up a space for a different feel of serenity. Bedrooms with a desk or reading area work wonderfully in light tones.

Seating Space

Moving outwards from the bed, it’s time to think about utilizing the rest of your bedroom’s space. Seating is one of the things we may take for granted, but when designed with intent, can make your bedroom an even better place to relax. There are two key areas you can consider seating for: the dressing area and the relaxation area.

The dressing area can always benefit from a low seat or bench, as it creates a calm environment for you to get ready in. As for a relaxation area, we love a comfortable armchair or accent seat. A piece that matches your style with comfort as a key focus can change the way you relax instantly.

Serene Lighting

Bedroom lighting can work a little differently to the rest of your home. Being able to control the lights and levels from your bed is essential, as well as finding that perfect warm lighting tone that feels serene. Lamps with a warmer glow enhance your feeling of comfort, where brighter lights can seem overwhelming at certain times of the day.

Area Rugs

Still looking for more personality? A custom area rug can bring a room from plain to personal, and there’s no better place for one than a bedroom. They work especially well in rooms with wooden or non-carpeted floors, aiding with sound absorption as well as style. They can also provide a missing pop of color or uniqueness, both essentials in good home design.

Primary Bedroom & Home Design from Designer’s Mark

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