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Designer’s Mark is not just an interior design showroom/store, but a partner that assists you from the initial stage of inspiration to the final step of installation.

We cater to all design styles – traditional, modern, or eclectic – with the aim of enhancing your personal style. Get ready for a home design transformation.​​​​​​

Designer’s Mark Interior Design Showroom

At the core of our offerings is our interior design showroom/store, a sanctuary for home design inspiration and interior designers. We only feature the best in the industry, ensuring that any item that catches your attention is of top-notch quality, built to endure the test of time and usage.​​​​​​

Our interior design showroom showcases a diverse range of products, from furniture you can experience first-hand, lighting you can reimagine glowing in your own home, decorative art pieces, and unique cocktail side tables you can size up and purchase right away. Cabinet hardware to re-imagine for your closets and kitchen. Wall coverings to redefine the spaces and rugs to anchor your furniture…all under one roof.

Viewing home furnishings up close and personal can alter your perception, It’s crucial not to dismiss ideas and inspiration in the initial design phase until you’ve experienced them in person.

The showroom not only provides an opportunity to view new creative works and gather inspiration, but it’s also the home for our essential design assistance services and white glove storage and delivery.

Designer’s Mark Interior Design Services

Designer’s Mark is well situated to assist in your interior design project, our showroom offers support throughout the entire design process. We assist with design elements and corresponding pieces to formulate the look and feel for your space.

One-on-One Consultations

Our showroom coordinators are knowledgeable in both dressing spaces and finding pieces that match your style.

Schedule a consultation to discuss your home or commercial space with one of our showroom coordinators. They will collaborate with you to understand your vision, the requirements of the space, and the desired ambiance.

Afterwards, they will carefully choose furnishings that suit your space. You will then have the opportunity to review textiles for finishing touches, see how lighting fixtures can transform the space, and select the furnishings you’ve fallen in love with.


ACCESSORIZE is our expert home accessory service that specializes in simplifying the process of accessorizing your home.

Our design consultant will assess your style and needs and present you with a carefully selected range of home accessories to choose from. These can serve both practical and aesthetic purposes and are always tailored to fit the specific needs of your space.

With ACCESSORIZE, you can easily create a home that reflects your personal style and discover new design influences along the way.

White Glove Delivery

Our commitment to partnering with you extends to the very end, including the final reveal. We strive to make home redecoration a stress-free experience and are here to support you, whether you prefer to be involved or take a hands-off approach.

Our goal is to ensure that your space is decorated and styled according to your preferences, including both large furnishings and accessories.

Our white-glove delivery service guarantees that your custom pieces will arrive in excellent condition and be placed exactly where you want them, enhancing the special moment of the final reveal.

Custom Home Design Consultation

Whether designing your own space or a client’s, the Designer’s Mark interior design showroom is set to inspire.

Explore changes both big and small and see how fresh designs and influences can upgrade a room, office, or entire home. Book a one-on-one consultation with our showroom today by calling (561) 961-4149

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