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At Designer’s Mark, we are delighted to announce that we have partnered with Hudson Valley Lighting in housing their lighting gallery and distributing the line in Palm Beach and Broward.

Hudson Valley Lighting collections are home to timeless pieces that merge both the old and the new, carried by expert craftsmanship and quality at every step. Their creations embody effortless luxury and sophistication and are built to last.

Creating an Atmosphere With Hudson Valley Lighting

Lighting is going to make or break your space. Even the most expertly crafted room can fall flat with the wrong lighting fixture or even the wrong kind of bulb. Lighting fixtures are more than just visual and aesthetic aspects of your home design, they play an important part in the functionality of your space.

Choosing the right lighting fixtures and set up for different spaces in your home creates practicality and luxury. More importantly, choosing the right fixtures for your desired atmosphere is essential.

Hudson Valley Lighting are experts of their craft. Their design ethos understands that lighting works to enrich more than just spaces, and they carry this through all the brands they manage. Hudson Valley Lighting collections merge historical inspirations with modern luxury, creating unique pieces that fit a wide range of styles.

Troy Lighting, made by the HVL group, focuses on the nexus of natural inspirations and comfort. Sophisticated and elevated modern looks are created from Corbett Lighting, and Mitzi designs focus on high design quality and high attainability.

Designer Collaborations

Hudson Valley Lighting have created collections in collaboration with many renowned interior designers. This has led to collections to suit a wide range of home styles, all with the classic HVL quality and craftsmanship.

These creators come from a great variety of artistic backgrounds and, as such, provide varied influences and inspirations for these design collaborations. Whether fine art or interior design focused, these collections embody art in ways that really speak to people and their spaces.

Mark D. Sikes

Mark D. Sikes has two collaborations with Hudson Valley Lighting— “CLASSICS” and “MORE CLASSICS”. The first is decidedly all-American, with a fresh feel and traditional approach. The second collection leans more toward influences from across the pond, opting for spherical forms and painted shades.

Becki Owens

Becki Owens embraces the Pinterest feel— elegant simplicity that’s clean and fresh. She knows that homes are meant to be lived in, and designed her collaboration collection accordingly. The fixtures feel like a breath of fresh air and easy sophistication, with a definite feminine feel and approach to design.

Design Versatility

Hudson Valley Lighting joins a wide range of styles together in their offerings. Beautifully designed chained pendants and no-frills wall sconces appear side by side, yet still, carry their classic brand feel despite their differences. They also offer versatility in their design applications. The Belle floor lamp is comprised of three exposed bulbs on an aged-brass-finished base and stand, but can also be installed horizontally for a fresh visual take.

Pieces like the Jonas hanging LED light are a perfect example of their design style. Simple, but designed with movement in mind, and available in aged brass and black nickel finishes. The triangular metal fixture design is modern, with an effortless and stylish feel to it.

Hudson Valley Lighting in South Florida

At the Designer’s Mark interior design showroom, we have an entire lighting gallery dedicated to Hudson Valley Lighting. Seeing the creations up close has never been more influential when creating your space, and we can’t wait to help you find your inspiration.

Visit our Boca Raton Lighting Showroom today or give us a call at 561-961-4149 to schedule a consultation with our design consultants.

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