Designer Spotlight: Vahallan Hand-Painted Wall Coverings

vahallan wall coverings

A Designer’s Spotlight feature on Vahallan Hand-Painted Wall Coverings, makers of custom hand-painted wall treatments of exceptional craftsmanship, color space, and design.

Established by Dan Nelson in 1997 in Lincoln NE, Vahallan is an industry leader in the wall-covering market. The company employs 15 full-time artists in the development, rendering, and finishing of its unique panels. Their manufacturing process does not involve machinery or commercial presses. Vahallan panels are made with a focus on passion, creativity, and innovation in creating each custom design.


The culture of craft at Vahallan also includes experimentation. Artists collaborate with interior designers and architects on creating custom textures and finishes. Experimentation from concept to the painting floor could involve adding grains of sand, gold and silver leaf, glass, or mineral fragments to pigment; introducing variant iridescence to a finish; or developing new techniques that replicate fabrics, stone, or natural textures. Their commitment to craft, quality, and innovation is one of several reasons we’ve added the Vahallan brand to our wall-coverings portfolio.

Explore the Collections

Valhallan collections are expertly hand-painted wall panels executed in sets to a designer’s specs for a project. Explore the fractal textures of the Arcturus line that takes its name from a giant red star in the Northern Hemisphere. Each Arcturus design is named for elements in geology, art, and design theory with a central rhythmic pattern motif. The Bajada is offered in warm, monochromatic earth tones. The Penumbra is offered on the cool spectrum of gray, white, and silver. A more colorful counterpoint to Penumbra is the mix of earth tones in the Uyuni.

Broken Lines is a collection of beautifully textured and geometric patterns. Named for Greek and Roman gods, each hand-painted panel is unique. The Broken Lines color selection includes the bronze-patina Adonis, the silver Callisto, and the rustic ochre of Despena. Also offered is the Broken Lines Straight for a more linear and minimalist aesthetic.

The Cement collection consists of brutalist-inspired colors and textures that mimic stone. Alliance, Rebus, Coalesce, and Unify are on the cool spectrum of dark to light. For a softer option there is the more subtle Blush.

The Certus collection takes its name from the Latin term meaning fixed or firm. Certus panels are crafted to give the appearance of worn leather. Beryl is named for the light teal-green mineral, underlaid with gray. Obsidian, inspired by lava rock, is a red-brown earth tone underlaid with black; also offered is the cool gray of Silver Frost Embellished and the desert ash of Valley.

The word Helio means relating to the sun. Each style in the Helio collection has a neutral background embellished with a gold leaf rhythmic pattern. The Sulphide, Talum, and Volta are offered in warm tone backgrounds. Each choice in the Helio line would make a stunning accent wall in a dining or lounge area.

The Illuricae collection is offered in six color variations, each with a central exploding radiant. A favorite is the Sinar with its turquoise background and a central radiant of yellow and black with hints of shimmer.

The Reeds collection is inspired by tropical sea grass and bamboo. Each panel has been textured with vertical lines that rise off the surface of the paper, then each line is gilded with a contrasting color. Click on Luxor or Damietta to view the exquisite detail and texture up close.

The bestselling Crystalline collection combines color, light, and texture with added mineral shards to give reflective depth. Each Crystalline design is named for a gemstone or mineral and is designed to interact with ambient light within a space.


Vahallan is designed for residential and commercial applications. As with the other quality brands we carry, we adhere to Vahallan’s standards in custom installation and maintenance of their wall panels. We welcome your project whether it’s an accent wall, a dedicated room application, or large-scale wall treatments for businesses, condominiums, and event spaces. Because their wall coverings are hand-painted, no two Vahallan panels are identical. This makes a wall surface within a space not just a surface, but a work of art. The variations you can create in theme, color story, and style are limitless. The complete line of Vahallan custom wall coverings is available directly at Designer’s Mark.