Bathroom Lighting Design Ideas

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Lighting fixtures can completely alter the look and feel of a room. This is especially true in smaller spaces. Bathrooms are generally the smallest rooms in the home, which makes it less expensive for homeowners to try out new design ideas in them. If you want to update your bathroom without renovating, these bathroom lighting ideas are a cost-effective and impactful way to upgrade your space.

1. Turn Lighting Linear

When designing the space around any mirrors in your bathroom, it’s good to avoid lights that cast harsh shadows across your face. Shadows can hinder your makeup application and distort your facial contours, a definite no-no for your daily beauty regime!

Use tall and narrow sconces on either side of your mirror to spread an even glow across your face. This lighting will be flattering and functional, keeping you and your family from any grooming mishaps.

2. Layer Your Lighting

Your bathroom needs bright lighting to stay functional, but this isn’t conducive to relaxing baths or pampering. When choosing the main lights in your bathroom, use bright white bulbs to mimic natural light. From there, you can use hidden recessed lights to incorporate warm lighting that creates the perfect atmosphere to relax in. Playing with different layers of light helps the space be versatile, able to seamlessly transition from functional to comforting.

3. Get Gilded And Glamorous

If you want to make more significant changes to your bathroom design, why not switch out your vanity mirror? Wall-to-wall mirrors are often installed in bathrooms to help the space feel bigger, but they eliminate your ability to decorate the supporting wall. By replacing these large mirrors with something smaller, you open up space to play with your lighting.

Mirrors in gilded frames are making a huge comeback in the interior design world. Highlight their delicate golden tones by installing lighting fixtures with gold or brass hardware. Lantern-style sconces play into the glamorous appearance of a gilded frame. Opt for lanterns with frosted glass panes to keep your mirror lighting soft and flattering.

4. Experiment With Scale

The size of your lighting fixture has a huge impact on the effect the room creates. If your bathroom needs something to solidify its design, a large statement light could be the solution.

For bathrooms with high ceilings, install a long, dangling pendant light in the center of the room. This draws the eye upwards and gives the room a focal point. For bathrooms with regular ceilings, play with the width of your lighting fixture by installing a wide, shallow chandelier-style light. Incorporating large lighting fixtures gives the room an air of decadence and personality.

5. Keep It Simple

If you aren’t sure what direction to take your lighting in, don’t underestimate the power of simplicity. Keep the silhouette of your lighting fixture simple and play around with materials and textures. A simple globe light will look glamorous if it has a metal base that matches your cabinet hardware. A simple pendant light adds charm and texture when it has a linen shade. There’s no need to go over the top with your choices unless you want to!

Custom Bathroom Lighting In Boca Raton

We hope these bathroom lighting ideas can act as a source of inspiration in your home. At the Designer’s Mark lighting gallery, we love exploring lighting solutions that are functional and beautiful. You’re sure to find the ideal bathroom lighting design from our extensive collection of styles, brands, and fixtures.

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