10 Ways To Add More Personality To Your Home Design

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Our home design showcases who we are— our personality, lifestyle, and the atmosphere we like to be surrounded by. So how can you make your home just that little bit more you? We’re here with some of our favorite home design tips to add your personality to your space and reinvent a house into a home.

Home Design and Personal Style

An important part of your home design is matching your style with a theme. Modern trends can provide a blueprint that you like the feel of, but you need to fill out your home’s interior design with pieces that bring in your personality.

  1. All About Colors: Your color palette is key to your home’s design. Greens and browns can create a soothing, natural atmosphere, or white and blues can create a breezy beach-side space. Choosing your base colors around the atmosphere you want to evoke keeps your space feeling cohesive and personal.
  2. Furniture Choices: Accent furniture is a simple and easy way to add personality to your space. Whether you have a vintage armchair that you just can’t part with, or an avant-garde piece that inspires you, use this as a central accent piece in your home.
  3. Candles: Home design isn’t all about looks, and ONNO Collection’s candles and diffusers add atmosphere for your other senses. Explore a scent you love or a scent that reminds you of your travels, and add depth to your home accessories in more ways than one.
  4. Art that Inspires: Artwork can be incredibly personal. It’s meant to evoke emotions and inspire you, and the right piece of art can transform a simple space into your space instantly. There’s no simpler way to show your personality and style than with hand-selected art.
  5. Contrast Wallpaper: Gone are the days of four white walls being the standard. Wallpaper can add a pop of color or texture to create an eye-catching room and can also cover “dead space” with intriguing designs. Whether minimalist or maximalist, natural or modern, there’s a wall covering to suit your style.
  6. Celebrating Memories: Your home design doesn’t just have to include designer pieces. As a home, you can also showcase some of your favorite memories with friends and family members. You could display photos or artwork you made together with loved ones, adding personality to your home.
  7. Custom Hardware: Changing out door knobs and cabinet work has a major impact on your space, accenting your chosen color scheme and creating a cohesive home. Designs from PullCast Cabinet Hardware create pieces that add personality and style to your space, with outstanding quality.
  8. Enchanting Lighting: Sometimes, all a space lacks is a bit of depth. We love lighting that breaks up a space uniquely, like hanging pendant lamps and centerpiece lighting sculptures. This is even more useful in modern and otherwise simple spaces, as you can add depth without making a room look too busy.
  9. Entryway Spotlights: First impressions always count. Pay extra attention to your entryway and add in touches of your personality for you and your guests to see right as you walk through the door. Home accessories, custom furnishings, and rugs all work beautifully to showcase your style in one enclosed space.
  10. Highlight Spaces: Highlight spaces are areas in your home that you can draw attention to. If you’re an avid reader, you can create a reading nook by your lounge windows or add a section of your home dedicated to a hobby you love. Embrace the hobbies and things that inspire you, and let your home design work to give you a space you love to relax in.

Custom Interior Design in Boca Raton

It’s tough to know where to start when reworking your home. Our expert interior design consultants are on hand to guide you from step one, helping to refine your vision and hand-select furnishings that inspire you. Take the leap with Designer’s Mark, and create a home that feels like you. Call us today at 561-961-4146 to schedule a consultation or stop by our Boca Raton interior design showroom in person. We can’t wait to see you!

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