Our Favorite Caracole Furniture Pieces


Caracole makes effortless luxury a reality, with pieces that inspire in both design and versatility. With a wide range of finishes and a custom program available to homeowners, the finishing touch for your home’s redesign can be found at Caracole Furniture.

The Caracole Furniture Story

Caracole Furniture was founded in 2009 with manufacturing taking place in North Carolina, USA. Over the years, they’ve grown to be one of the most innovative brands on the furniture market, using a unique design approach to create furnishings that hold style and practicality. They make furnishings to be lived in. Living in luxury is about comfort as much as it is style, and Caracole finds this nexus with ease.

Caracole have shifted away from the traditional setup of collections, opting instead to create individual pieces that can serve several purposes. A chest of drawers isn’t limited to a bedroom, and a coffee table isn’t chained to a lounge. This gives homeowners and designers the freedom to choose for style and versatility, so there’s always something to suit their needs.

In addition to their standard offering of finishes and fabrics, they run Caracole Couture. Caracole Couture is their custom upholstery program, letting you take the reins to create furnishings that are unique to you and your personal style.

Designer Spotlight: The Favorites

We’ve selected some of our favorite Caracole creations to highlight for their design and utility. These pieces can be used in several spaces around your home, and in many cases serve more than one function. This meeting of aesthetics and practicality is Caracole Furniture’s signature, and we couldn’t love it more.

Signature Simpatico: Svelte Chair

This barrel chair embraces traditional luxury in the way you’re probably thinking of it— available in soft creams, rounded edges, and a stainless-steel frame finished in majestic gold. No one said luxury has to be complicated, and the Svelte Chair delivers in simple elegance. It’s inspired by Italian mid-century design and is the perfect conversation starter and a place for the conversation.

Caracole Classic: Watercolors

When we mentioned utility and practicality, we meant it. The Watercolors cabinet is a multipurpose furnishing finished in signature Tranquil, a mix of gray, aqua, and silver leaf. The metallic palm frond door pulls open up to reveal several storage areas, a pull-out writing desk, and additional shelves. This space can also fit a 42-inch TV, easily out of view when you don’t need it.

Caracole Upholstery: Glimmer of Hope

The Glimmer of Hope chair is a perfect fit for bright rooms filled with nature. The cream and gold upholstery are complemented by the metallic gold and white enamel sculpted legs, taking the appearance of branches reaching skyward. It feels like a modern breath of fresh air, which could easily elevate a dining or conversation area in a heartbeat.

Modern Remix: Remix Single Dresser

If you’re looking for modern luxury, the Remix Single Dresser has it. Five drawers are finished in a range of black and bronze woods and metals, ornamented with simple dual-tone pulls. Caracole Furniture created this piece with a mix of the old and new in mind, and it results in a chest that stays timeless while embodying the modern style.

Caracole Furniture in Boca Raton

If your home needs a burst of elegant design inspiration, look no further than Caracole. Visit the Designer’s Mark Furniture Showroom in Boca Raton for a private consultation and let’s find the furnishings that are going to elevate your home and style.

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