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Beacon Custom Lighting

In the words of Beacon Custom Lighting, light enhances life. This couldn’t be more true, and lighting is an often overlooked part of the home design process. It can encompass the aesthetic and the functional, and this makes it one of the most intriguing and exciting parts of a home redesign.

Year after year, Beacon Custom Lighting has delivered innovative collections that bridge this gap perfectly, creating pieces that feel as inspired as they are useful, and we’re here to give them our designer’s spotlight.

The Beacon Custom Lighting Story

Beacon Custom Lighting is built on history. Their factory has been in operation for 130 years in the Czech mountains. The traditional art of glassblowing is at the core of what they do, and it’s an art they seek to preserve with every new collection that they release. What started out as utility-focused design extended to pulling inspiration from the world around them, most notably natural inspirations. Utility became art.

Beacon Custom Lighting pride themselves on producing almost everything themselves. From metal work to glassblowing all the way from the design board, they value the work of artisans past and present. Mixing traditional techniques with modern technology, such as 3D software, they continuously stay ahead of the curve and follow their inspiration. Most importantly, they value creativity.

Designer’s Top Picks

No matter their design, the entries of Beacon Custom Lighting feel modern and sophisticated. They stick to natural tones and shapes, creating pieces that feel inspired and elegant. We’ve chosen a few of our favorites to get you inspired and spark the creativity for a lighting redesign in your space.


Beacon are masters of ambient lighting. The Helik is a gold or amber finished dome with a fitted alabaster plate underneath. This softens the light, creating inviting spaces that are gently illuminated. After all, lighting sets the ambience and tone your space gives off. It can soften harsh materials, or it can brighten what’s dull. We think the Helik range is perfect for dining rooms, living rooms, and entertaining spaces.


Ursa is a bolder choice, inspired by stars and galaxies of the night sky. Available in a range of natural ambers, reds, and blacks, this adds modernity and style to any space. We love Ursas in combination— the varying levels and shapes add depth and interest to a room, and the different tones of light create something special.


If you’re after luxury, look no further than Tyne. This design was created by creative director Alena Hermanova. The design is simple and sophisticated but infused with 24K gold flakes. Luxury shines in simplicity, and the Tyne embodies this on every level. Bright, elegant, and timeless, be ready to be inspired.

Going Custom

As always, going custom can help you find that piece that’s perfect. Sometimes your space needs that extra bit of luxury, or maybe you’ve had a vision of a dream project for some time.

Beacon Custom Lighting have worked with interior designers and architects to deliver custom lighting solutions for the hospitality industry and residences. Create your vision and inspiration with Beacon Custom Lighting— create your own luxury.

Beacon Custom Lighting in Boca Raton

As exclusive distributors of Beacon Custom Lighting in the Southeastern US and Caribbean, Designer’s Mark is proud to display pieces by Beacon’s expert artisans.

Visit our Boca Raton showroom to be inspired by the natural inspiration of Beacon Custom Lighting. Elevate your space, your style, and get ready to make your mark!

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