Designer Spotlight: SkLO Studio Handblown Czech Glass Lighting & Accessories

sklo studio lighting

The Designer’s Mark family is proud to introduce to showcase  SkLO Studio, makers of exquisite glass and lighting accessories. SkLO (produced in Prazska, Czech Republic for the European market and Healdsburg, CA for the Americas) are makers of impeccable, handblown glass and accessories that are certain to make a stunning visual impact to your space.

Established in 2009, SkLO collections are designed by owner-partners, Karen Gilbert and Paul Pavlak. Karen studied metalsmithing and glasswork at the California College of Art (Oakland, CA) and Pilchuck Glass School (Stanwood, Washington). Paul is a practicing architect and functions as the SkLO co-designer with Karen. SkLO translates to glass in Czech.


The SkLO ethos is one of subtlety, restraint and beauty in the simplicity of a design. Each SkLO piece is handmade through the ancient alchemy of applying heat to glass to create organic, man-made shapes and functional forms. Each SkLO piece is unique; made with the intention of how the piece inhabits a space and how light is refracted through it. In fact, light itself becomes a part of the aesthetic beauty of a SkLO piece. A sphere, vessel, or coil then become works of art.


Through their collaborative partnership, SkLO produces two beautiful collections: LIT for handblown lighting fixtures and OBJECT, a line of distinctive and colorful glass pieces and accessories. Working in collaboration with Designer’s Mark, SkLO can also produce custom pieces to suit our clients’ taste.

From the LIT collection, the float pendant sphere is made with an organically shaped open-mouth. The float is available in opaque white, clear, and three transparent colors of hand blown Czech glass. The socket fits 120V E26 60W max. The canopy is made of brass with exposed fasteners and installation requires a recessed steel electrical box.

The bestselling drape pendant is a minimalist handblown design consisting of a single sphere of Czech glass suspended on a fabric-wrapped electrical cord. The drape is available in 4 1/2″ or 7″ diameter and you have five color choices. Also available in the drape chandelier and drape cluster design configurations

The bell jar light is a glass bell-shaped light fixture that functions as a diffuser with a single, internal bulb suspension. A solid brass cap fits at the top of the neck and the socket hangs from the cap on a short, fixed brass stem. The bell jar light is available in small or large sizes, clear or SkLO’s signature smoky, translucent Olivin color.

From the OBJECT line, there is the featured float vessel. Similar to float from the LIT line, each vessel is an organic sphere with a broken flame mouth and makes a stunning decorative mantle or centerpiece. Each float vessel is unique (no two are alike) and available in two sizes with five SkLO color options.

The droplet is a collection of asymmetrical vessels, each variable in shape and color. The vessels are a mass of solid Czech glass around a void of vivid, translucent color. The droplet vessels are available in small to medium sizes, individually or in sets of three and seven. These are exquisite as stand-alone pieces or as vessels for South Florida succulents and seasonal tropical foliage. Droplet dimensions vary since each handblown piece is unique.

The coil 32 and coil 48 are designed to add a dynamic, decorative statement to your space. Coil sets are made of twisted, convect tubes of handblown glass with cut and impeccably polished ends. Designed to highlight the clarity and thickness of Czech glass, coil also captures the kinetic energy of the blow in time. Like other handmade OBJECT pieces, no two SKLO coils are alike. Coil 48 is sold individually in intertwining groups of three with or without a handmade steel table stand.

For entertaining and family gatherings at home, the minimalist drink line of cups are made with an emphasis on color. Intentionally handblown to be irregular, each drink is intended to be off-center with a subtle tilt. Drink are available in five SkLO color palettes and variable dimensions.

SkLO Studio Showroom In South Florida

Please contact us directly at 561-961-4149 or stop by our Boca Raton showroom to view our existing SkLO inventory or if you’re interested in custom SkLO pieces to order for your next project or special event. Whether you’re entertaining seasonally or re-decorating, SkLO lighting and accessories are intended to make a captivating and beautiful touch to your space.

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