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Precedent Furniture

Precedent Furniture

Precedent Furniture is home to comfort, custom, and luxury, creating timeless furnishings that are made to your style and specifications. Bringing together a collection of designers, collections feel fresh and inspired with quality craftsmanship and sustainability held as core components in the design process.

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    The Precedent Furniture Story

    Precedent Furniture began in 1971, creating every piece out of Newton, North Carolina. The goal: to meld comfort and luxury into a single product, giving you furnishings that not only look good, but feel good, too. Luxury extends beyond design and finishes, especially with sofas and chairs. Furniture is just the start, as Precedent continued to create their own fabric ranges, finishes, and enhanced custom capabilities.

    Custom Creations: StudioP

    There’s nothing as special as a piece that’s made just for you and your home. Precedent Furniture runs StudioP, their home for all things custom. You can choose fabrics, styles, and sizes in thousands of configurations to match your needs and your personal style. We love the studio select 9, with 5 base styles, 5 arm styles, 3 cushion configurations, 3 cushion sewing treatments, and 21 components to choose from. The custom loft seat can be made in varying depths and tailoring styles, and leg styles are fully customizable.

    This innovative kind of custom creation makes finding your personal style easier than ever— and it’s easier than ever to match furnishings to pieces you already have in your home. Along with a wide range of fabrics and finishes to choose from, this makes custom more accessible than ever. In addition to custom styles, you can also choose custom comfort. Precedent offers five kinds of cushions from soft to firm, each made with care to suit you.

    Fabrics by Precedent

    Customization and personal style also lie in the fabrics and finishes used on the furniture you choose. With over 500 fabrics to choose from, you’re bound to find the one that inspires you. Natural weaves are a classic choice on large sofas and headboards, while accent fabrics on an ottoman can turn a simple space into one with a pop of color. Their performance plus range is built for durability, is pill resistant, and designed to keep color even after sun exposure.

    Creation Sustainability

    Sustainable practices lead Precedent Furniture’s creation ethos, contributing to the local community and reducing generated waste. Their wood is sourced from the US and is certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI), who ensure responsible harvests, reforestation, and promote wildlife protection.

    Their cushions are also created sustainably, using 100% recycled polyester covers and 80% recycled fiber on the inside. The steel used for springs, spring clips, and staples is also produced from 95% recycled steel, and painted with lead-free color.

    Precedent Furniture in Boca Raton

    Are you ready for something new in your home? Rework and revitalize your space with easy custom from StudioP, creating centerpieces and staple pieces that are built to your personal style. Embrace comfort and simple luxury and explore how Precedent Furniture can elevate your home. Speak with a Designer’s Mark interior design consultant today!

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