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Sferra Linens

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Long known for their history and commitment to crafting some of the finest linens in the world, the story of Sferra Luxury Linens begins with turning the American dream into a reality. Their close attention to detail sets them apart from other luxury lines as it showcases both their consideration of aesthetics and functionality. No matter if you are looking for top-of-the-line table and bed linens or some of the most exquisite home accessories available, Sferra has something for everyone. Here, the style experts of Designer’s Mark explore the illustrious world of Sferra home accessories.

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    A Brief History Of Sferra

    Determination and family have driven Sferra since the very beginning. They have a deep respect for their heritage of workmanship and artistry. In fact, Sferra continues to craft their works in the Alpine foothills of North Italy. Their refined touches increase both the inherent and desired functionality of their craft. Let’s delve into the remarkable history of Sferra and its influence on the linen industry.

    Early Years

    Founder Gennaro Sferra first sailed from Italy to America in 1891 with little more than a big dream and even more talent. During his early years in the country, he sold immaculate handmade lace, collars, and cuffs to some of the most elite clients vacationing along the East Coast at the time. His reputation quickly spread as one of the finest linen craftsmen in the nation – if not the world.

    The 1930s And Beyond

    By the early 1930s, Gennaro decided to switch his focus from lace to table linens due to the changing fashions. During this time, he also enlisted the help of his sons, Enrico and Albert, to continue the strong family history of Sferra quality. Together, their aptitude and dedication to craftsmanship helped to revolutionize how people thought about the linen industry. No longer were linens seen as a functional necessity, Sferra helped to define them as a mark of luxury. For example, in 2001 they turned the linen industry on its head when they introduced the remarkable, first-ever 1,020 thread count linens. Not far behind, they debuted the Giza 45 collection known as the “Queen of Egyptian Cotton.”

    Notable Names

    With their beautiful designs and attention to quality, it comes as no wonder that Sferra has been the premier linen for some very well-known people. Due to the brand’s prestige, son Albert was even introduced to Princess (and later Queen) Elizabeth. Other notable names that enjoyed their linens include the in-flight bedding for Pope John Paul II and the table linens for the Regan-era state dinners. The raw materials they utilize are not only beautiful, they are the most comfortable fabrics available. For example, the Giza 45 collections use only the highest quality Egyptian cotton available. Grown along the Nile River valley, the master craftsmen transform this beautiful material into airy light but deceivingly opulent linens. One of the most notable aspects of this line is that it comes in pecales, sateens, and jacquards in a variety of rich natural colors.


    Due to their commitment to both luxury and quality, Sferra has become the top choice for several of the most renowned hotels and resorts around the world. Sferra works closely with each property to ensure that their choices match the brand’s aesthetic. Due to the high use the linens will see, Sferra has their own quality insurance laboratory to test for abrasion, color retention, pilling, shrinkage, tear strength, and other factors.


    Though widely known for their bedding and table linens, Sferra also offers a wide array of stunning home accessories that are certain to give your home a luxurious personal touch. Their accessory collections include:

    Decorative Objects

    Make any house feel like a home with unique decorative objects from Sferra. They offer a wide array of frames, napkins, napkin rings, serveware, and trays in a variety of colors and patterns. As with all their products, their line of decorative objects showcases brilliant design and skill sure to brighten up any table. For those who like to entertain, consider their Sugahara glass sets available in both highball and old fashioned sizes.

    Bath Decor

    Luxury bath décor from Sferra has the ability to make any bathroom feel like a spa. They offer a wide variety of soap dispensers, waste baskets, toothbrush holders, storage trays, tissue holders, storage jars, and soap dishes. If you prefer striking forms and defined precision, consider the Marquina collection. Gorgeous white veins beautifully contrast against the sleek black marble. For those seeking a more simplistic look, consider the Velina collection that is made of marble with clean rounded edges and a soft color palette.

    Vases And Jars

    The incredibly beautiful one-of-a-kind vases and jars from Sferra are handmade by top artisans. If you’re looking for a serene way to enjoy the ambiance of candlelight, take a look at Guaxs curated by Sferra Aran Lanterns. These gorgeous lanterns are available in two sizes in smoke grey and clear. Handcrafted in Germany, the elegant cylindrical form is elevated by a natural wood base. If you’re looking to make a statement while still adhering to a calming aesthetic, look no further than the Fiametta V Italian Marble Luni Vase. These stunning vases are handcrafted in Italy using the finest white Carrara marble. The Luni vase comes in two sizes making them a perfect standalone piece or displaying a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

    Sferra Linens In Boca Raton

    From their early beginnings in crafting some of the finest lace accessories in the world to creating the most luxurious linens to their transition into gorgeous home accessories, Sferra has a long history of excellence. For more than 130 years they have embraced the tradition of fine craftsmanship and innovation. Known for featuring only the world’s finest natural materials, their Italian heritage rings true in every piece. Designer’s Mark proudly features Sferra luxury linens in our Boca Raton showroom. If you have any questions about Sferra or any of our other brands, call us at (561)-961-4149 or visit our showroom today!

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