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AL2 Furniture

AL2 furniture showroom

If you dream of owning art that doubles as furniture, AL2 Furniture is the brand you’ve been looking for. Combining beauty and functionality, AL2 produces high-quality furniture designed for homeowners with everyday needs and a high-fashion style.

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    All About AL2: Art For Living

    AL2 began producing furniture over 30 years ago, and they’ve gone from strength to strength as they’ve expanded their collections with new innovations and inspirations.

    Their motto, “art for living,” defines their way of thinking and creating. They believe that furniture can (and should!) be used as a method of artistic expression.

    This heart for design is evident when you scroll through their numerous collections. Gone are the days when furniture was limited to its function – AL2 creates furniture that is art.

    The AL2 Designers

    Who are the geniuses behind AL2’s stunning furniture collections?

    Let’s meet them…

    Sotiris Lazou Design Studio

    Sotiris Lazou believes in the inherent human ability to create. He embeds his passion for freedom and expression in each design, effortlessly translating his interpretation of “humanism” into breathtaking and high-quality furniture.

    Ate Rote Design Studio

    With firm roots in architecture and design, Roberto Rota (the head of Ate Rote Design Studio) began collaborating with companies in 2015 to produce versatile high-fashion furniture. He is known for creating sleek, intricate pieces that catch the eye and elevate the room.

    AL2 Lab

    Run by executive designers with roots in interior design and home products, AL2 Lab designs for the homeowner looking to make a statement. Each piece is distinctive and unique, often infused with organic lines and exciting asymmetry.

    AL2 Pieces

    AL2 pieces are known for their combination of quality and style. When you invest in a piece from AL2, here is what you can expect:


    The AL2 designers create with an attention to detail that few brands can match. Beyond the details and intricacies of each piece’s design, every step of the production process is meticulously planned and executed.

    The result is gorgeous, thought-out pieces that reflect the hours of work it takes to plan and produce high-quality furniture.


    AL2 prides itself on designing with human experience in mind. Throughout each furniture collection, you can depend on each piece to meet and exceed your needs. AL2 furniture is sturdy, durable, and highly functional to meet the demands of everyday living.


    Comfort is at the core of every AL2 design, ensuring you get the best experience when living with AL2 in your home. And because each piece is designed to last, you can rely on your furniture to remain comfortable and inviting for years to come.


    AL2 designers spare no effort or expense when designing each piece. They can spend hours drawing and re-drawing the curve of a sofa arm, or the arches within a dining table’s base, ensuring the soul of the design will translate effectively into the piece.

    Once the design is perfected, that same level of care is applied when crafting the final piece. Owning an AL2 piece is truly like owning a piece of functional art.


    Each AL2 designer holds a deep appreciation for our planet and all that inhabits it. They design with sustainability at their center, prioritizing the use of sustainable materials and production practices. When you invest in AL2, you can rest assured that your furniture is not harming the environment.

    ‘Art for Living’ At Designer’s Mark

    AL2 delivers beautiful, high-quality furniture built to make a statement for years at a time. If you’re looking for functional art, look no further than the breathtaking collections from AL2 Furniture. At Designer’s Mark, we are proud to offer AL2 furniture as part of our extensive range of curated pieces. Visit our showroom in Boca Raton today to experience AL2’s quality for yourself!

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