About Jill

With an eye for design and detail I have always been passionate for styling. Whether it was in fashion and putting outfits together at a young age, to a love of home décor and styling beautiful things around me as I got older.  My background is in real estate development and construction project management.  I worked professionally in both NYC and Miami, where I developed a thorough understanding of the building, creating and design process from conception to completion.

In 2017, after my second child was born, I wanted to take a few years to spend time with our young children.  During that time at home, I realized the joy I felt by assisting in the design with the completion of our new home, and was spending all of my spare time looking at home accessories and design inspired things.  From that grew, helping, advising, and consulting close friends who wanted my opinion on their interior décor, details and accessories.

With my real estate work experience, attention to detail and love for styling and accessorizing, as well as an expertly curated assortment of pieces to complement your existing furniture, color scheme, and décor selection, I look forward to ACCESSORIZE your home or next project!

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